Tuesday, November 27, 2007

an update...

Fixed my comp yesterday night. Now i am online again. Woo hoo... :-D
had to re-install XP and configure whole lot of softwares, and that took half of my night time - but at last, she is all up and running, and I am a happy soul now.

On the other hand, Sunday went really well - went out with friends and had a very nice lunch from Bombay Post, helped one of my friend to get some retail therapy and had around 70 km ride on almost empty ring road.

I was browsing through my pc to free up some HDD space, and came across this letter. I wrote this letter as a reply to one of the mails in one the biking clubs i belong to - I think this is the second most emotional letter I have ever written in my life (the first was a letter to my ex, before we fell in love, and no - it was not a love letter :P)

RE: [silver-bullets] what ticks u abt rides?

Many people have asked me this question. Why do I ride? Why don’t I go by car or by bus if I want to see places? Why don’t I just use bus or train? Why do I ride when it rains?

At first I used to answer these questions patiently - trying to make sense to those who asked me these questions. That was the dayz when I started riding.

Then I realized that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter whether it makes sense to others or not. It doesn’t matters whether I gave a satisfactory reply or not. What all matters is just that I want to ride; and I will ride. So I stopped answering, and started smiling when I hear the question.
But once in a while I too sit back and ponder - what makes me ride? Why am i so maddeningly love with everything on wheels?

What makes me take out my bike and roam around during full moon nights? What makes me take off my jacket and ride out when the rain kisses the grounds? What makes my heart skip a beat when ever I come across a virgin mud track? What makes me give a high when I open up the throttle and feel the wind gush past my face? What makes me sing out loud and pushes me to cloud 9 when ever I see hairpins?

Is it because -
I love the freedom my bike gives me
I love the feel of wind on my face
I love the thought that I have the power to control something dangerous 'SPEED'. (Yeah, it is plain EGO, ;-D)
I love roads - tarmac, trails, potholes, twisties, drag strips what ever it may, it never fails to ignite my imagination
I love engines, and love to work on them. When i ride, I get a chance to be one with my machine.
Or, is it because I love the coffee after hours of non-stop riding.

I don’t know. Hell, the only thing I know is, I just LOVE to ride :-D

[ i am having a bit of writers block - hell, i don’t know whether i can call it that - i just don’t feel like writing, but want to do a blog. so this dig from past. if you are reading this, you have got some patience. thank you for putting up with my rants]


Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

I have been through the XP meat grinder a couple of times...having to reload it and go through the whole process..very frustrating...once I even thought about getting a Bill Gates Voodoo doll and sticking pins in it....:):)

Love said...

well, just dig a bit deeper and you'll overcome the 'writers' block' BTW if i still haven't complimented... buddy you write really good!!!!! :D

--xh-- said...

@Nascar - he he, tahzt defenitely worth a try :)
@LJ - :) hm.. trying hard, buddy - to overcome the 'block'

Aarthi said...

cool..jus do what you like..unless it doesn't harm anyone..its good..have ahappy ride...:)

--xh-- said...

@ aarthi - :) yup, i too think so.