Monday, November 19, 2007

weekend tales...

I was kind of adamant that I had to make some curry with coconut milk this weekend. But the first issue was - I don’t have a coconut scrapper. And, i want a particular type of coconut scrapper, which I can fix on my kitchen slab.
So, this Friday, i left office early and went to Reliance fresh to get some vegetables - picked up two coconuts, a packet of mushroom and some other supplies. Then I went searching for my elusive coconut scrapper. After nearly asking around a dozen of shops, I got it at last from one shop at Tippasandra market.
i was happy that at last i got all the things to make coconut milk, but when I reached home and opened the bag, I realized that i forgot to pick up one bag from Reliance fresh - My coconuts are sitting safely at reliance fresh counter.
I consoled my saying that I can buy a coconut from local market, so i went ahead with fixing the coconut scrapper - only to found out that the base is not proper and cannot be fixed by simply turning the screw. After some hammering and leveling, I fixed the scrapper with the help of a rubber piece, and went to sleep.
Saturday I woke up early and went to Temple (yeah, i am a good boy) and on teh way back, I picked up one coconut, and decided to make 'Pulingary' and Mushroom masala. 'Pulingary' is a simple Kerala dish, and you don’t need much culinary skills to make it. After cracking open the coconut with the help of a slab of granite and scrapping one half of it, I inaugurated my mixer grinder. After almost 2 furious hours at kitchen, I made rice, Pulingary and Mushroom masala. Contrary to my expectation, the mushroom masala turned out to be utterly delicious.

Now, my next item to do in order to have a good weekend - spending time with Arwen (by the way, Arwen is by 1978 model Royal Enfield STD 350). Itz been almost 2 weeks since I kicked Arwen to life, so, I was looking for some small resistance, but nothing made prepared me for what was in store. After the usual dusting, carburetor cleaning and sparkplug cleaning, I kicked her, but to my utter dismay, she refused to sputter into life. After some diagnosis, I found out that there is no spark from the plug. Rats.. Now, I need to strip her and fix her. Time was running short for my usual weekend meeting with my fellow riders, so I stripped her till the coil, and checked the points and timer, and found them perfectly ok. So, the problem is somewhere else, and i need almost another day to fix her.
Went to meet my friends by 6, and while we where busy chatting, I got a call from Vicks - man, I almost forgot that Vicks bachelor party was happening that day. Said a quick goodbye to all by 9.30 and reached Bageecha at Marathahally before 10 and had a rocking time there.
Sunday went to meet M (I have put that under the blog what is "care?") and before saying boo, my weekend was over. Now, waiting for next weekend...


Love said...

did i miss Arwen on saturday???

♥busy_writer♥ said...

hehe, btw.. u seem to cook much more than my mum! :-p

n sigh, lovely weekend eh? parties n all? nicee :)

Aarthi said...

Hmm me started working recently..n already longing for weekends..:( nice blog btw..:)

Biker BT said...

Hey XH, Maybe you could get scrapped cocunuts in packets...ready to use. Here in UAE,Dubai,Abudhabi you get it done while u wait! Anyway..happy n tasty cooking !