Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KLUELESS4 -Addiction has a new address!

I know I am not regular on my blogs, and I havnt visited many of your posts - I really thought i will be active again from yesterday, but thne I got this link from Sandhya - Klueless4 - the new name of addiction.

Now I am stuck at leavel 25. If any of you ahev finished, clues are most welcome.. If any of you needs clues, hapy to help. 

(Nids, where are you? )

EDIT: We -Me and Cheeze, finished the game at last. And we are now going to atack the next one.  *raising a toast of JD*

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nothing Much...

 I picked up a set of colors and brushes when I went for the book launch of 34BGAC, and after much delibration, put them to some use today. 

It do feel good, playing with colors after a really long break, and I have a long way to go to reach where I was before, but what the heck, I am happy :-D nd that is what all matters.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The White Tiger

Simple, straightforward and different - Aravind Adigas The white tiger do warrants a read just for the fact that it is different from most of the other Indian novels - here you will hear the story of Balram Halwai and his journey from rags to riches.


Balram Halwai is an average Indian - born in a village and raised and conditioned to be servant - this is his story - the story of entrepreneurship and breaking free, the story of how he transformed himself to become one among the entrepreneurs who made their life - the story of Truth about India, as Balram says.


The story unfolds in a series of letters, written to Chinese premier, and follows the path he took to reach where he is today. There are lot of remarks in the book which will leave behind an impression - "In the old days there were one thousand castes and destinies in India. These days there are two castes: Men with Big Bellies, and Men with Small Bellies." - like this.


Adiga have succeeded in capturing the outlook of the poor man about the ways of modern world and the quest of the poor to make it to the rich, and as a side story, he puts light on the true condition of the politics and business - a place where money and power talks.


The author paints the difference between the 'darkness' and the modern world - the entrepreneurs paradise, the call center heaven, the IT city - places like Gurgaon and Bangalore, and he have done it with remarkable effect.


There is no boardroom drama, there is no cut throat business competition, there is no glamorous world of fashion, pubs and high society, but there is a stark naked world of truth - a world where pot bellies are made and cash and shrewdness rules the roost.


Give it a try - I liked it.