Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The new BIG boy

The Big Boy is on the way. With 30 BHP and a light weight engine which boasts less friction, I am sure he will smoke some serious rubber. The new bullet Electra comes with EFI, Unit Construction Engine, and some other changes, but as per those who rode it, the bike manages to retain itz character and thump.

I am sure the bike will appeal to a wide range of customers, and I hope it will keep the money bags at Enfield motors ringing. For me, I don’t fancy buying one - but I would certainly love to ride one to see how the bike feels. The news in grapevine is that India will have to wait some time before we see this machine in a showroom near to us – initially it will be offered only in UK, but we will get a 350CC counterpart.

(All the pics, Courtsy - Click here or here to see more pics)

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