Wednesday, November 7, 2007

OSO or Saawariya?

The war between these two films is reaching the climax - and the final 48 hour count down have started (according to TOI).
Today when I opened the paper, it really made me astonished to read that professional bookies are accepting bets on these movies - a bet to see which movie will do better in Box Office. And according to the news paper, some 'old hats' of movie business have said that OSO have trumped the pre-publicity game by linking Deepika Padukone with Dhoni and with the spin scene of SRKs six packs.
It is fun to watch the frenzy, and the animated discussions of movie buffs, and though I don’t know ABDC of this film thing, I enjoy songs... Songs from Saawariya are a definite hit, but for me, the chart topper is Dard-e-Disco from OSO.
So, what do you think? Which movie will make the cut? OSO or Saawariya?

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