Thursday, November 29, 2007

Review - Chateau Indage Figueira

Chateau Indage, one of the largest wine makes in India launched a premium port wine - Figueira, lately and I picked it up last day, with a packet of roasted peanuts from Foodworld.

Though I love wines, I have not tasted much port wines, and so, I was a little skeptical of the taste and pairing, and since port is considered as a dessert wine, decided to have it with roasted spicy peanuts.

Figueira is a ruby port, produced from the grapes from the Sahyadri Valley in the Chateau Indage vineyards. Some other famous wines from the same valley are Chantilli, Riviera, Joie' and Vin Ballet - just to give a rough idea about the quality of grapes.

The color is ruby red, and the aroma is quite strong. The wine packs 18% alcohol, and is quite strong. The first sip gives a nice burning feeling, quite unlike the other wines. The wine tastes smooth and not overly sweet, and leaves a nice after taste.
If i have to pick up port, I will definitely choose Figueira over the other cheap, sweet ports.

And oh, the Peanuts’ went well with the wine.


priya said...

If u get ice wine in India, it goes well with desserts. Give a try.

Lavanya said...

hello! :D
I've tried indian wine too, red wine.

But i think it tastes disgusting, although i drink little little everyday because my mom thinks its good for health or something...:|

Renie said...

Thanks for putting up the IndiBlogger badges!

--xh-- said...

have never come across, will try for sure :)
@ lavanya - wine is indded good for health. which wine are you taking? there are many indian wine brands and there are different types of red wines. choosing a good wine is very importent inorder to enjoy wine :)if you need any help, ping me.
@renie - the pleasure is mine :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

I have no knowledge about wines.. But, they sure look interesting whenever I see the wine tasting shows in Travel and living I always wanted to update my knowledge abt wines.. Thanks for your article, I learnt something new :)

Anusha said...

I have no clue who you are, but your blog's damn good!

Kuttibalu said...

Somehow i am not liking the taste of wine. But the details sounds interesting, sure will give a try.

Anonymous said...

boy your out of my area of expertise here..mines Budweiser and JD....:):)

--xh-- said...

@Shalini - I love wine - they are exotic and complex, and is a bit tough to understand :) i will be posting more reviews as and when i come across new labels. meanwhile, if you want to ask anything, shoot. will help in any way i can.

@anusha - thanx for the boost :) abt you not knowing me, dose that matter? we have whole lot of time to catch up with.

@kuttibalu - different wines tastes differently. the trick is to pair the right kind of wine with right kind of food, if you drink wine with food. trust me, try it and you will start loving wine.

@robert - ha ha, you are out of my range also - Bud and JD :)

Love said...

i've tried quite a lot of ports now... but not this one yet... any idea which would be a good place to pick up a decent bottle of wine from?

been a while since i had some and plan to stock up at home :)

--xh-- said...

@LJ - you can stop at TOTAL while on teh way bk to home - but not sure when they close shop. they have a decent collection of wine. While you are at it, give BigB a try - they have some good bottles.

Aarthi said...

I have no idea abt wine n peanuts...anyway u had fun rite...enjoy...:)

--xh-- said...

@ aarthi: if you have no strong reasons to oppose, try wine - it is an experience :)

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