Friday, April 17, 2009

Ta da, till May

At last, I am off to kerala, on a 3 week vacation. Will be back by may 11th (hopefully ;) ).
Take care, and yeah, I will miss blogworld. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

last weekend

Last weekend: 

* had fun

* went to Sherlock holmes. Should have found out this place a lot earlier. Liked the place. thnx A, for the fantastic time, and introducing me to SH.

* Met Vicks, went for a spin in his new U-VA. the car rocks. hogged ice creams from Safal

* Watched Fast and Furious 4 - I love the movie, especially, the last scene. Dom rocks. So do Muscle Cars.

* had a long chat with my sis. I Miss her.

* went to Boca Grande, had nice time meeting Minnu and Pratsie. Played lot of pranks and did lot of silly stuff - it was FUN.

* went to Total to do the last bit of shopping before going home

* met friend J and stayed over at his place. Man, I am going to miss you.

* went to lalbagh for a morning walk. Met Monica, Shanu, Minnu and some otehr friends. it was Fun.

* Met Kalyan varma, one of India's most famous wildlife photographers.

* Transported all the stuff I kept at J's home to my home - Jeevs carried more stuff than an Auto could carry. Well, almost.

* called up G, and the news is not that good. Get well soon, G.

* missed my friends S and S. Hope to catch up with you S, before I go home.

*Treated myself with a Sennheiser HD202

Monday, April 6, 2009

Skoda India - Shame on you

I was and am still a fan of Skoda cars, but I have never owned one - I always wanted to have a Skoda Octavia RS, but after reading the way they treat their customers during the after sales service, I think it might be better if I spendt my money on any other car than Skoda.

Just read this threds here and here if you plan to buy a Skoda - if any of your friends or relatives plan to buy a skoda, make them read the threads. 

Please pass the word, and please digg the thread here