Sunday, November 4, 2007

First time...

Weekend started as usual - a flurry of activities by Friday evening, and when i at last managed to get myself free from office work, the rain just stopped. too bad, missed a good rain.
Saturday morning i worked on Jeevs - give him some nip and tuck jobs, and after a lunch of rice, tomato curry and egg omlettes, i deiced to see a masseur to get a full body massage.
The parlor offered me a combination package of seven services at a very competitive rate, so i opted for that. And thus, for the first time in my life, I got myself a facial and pedicure.
there was a big list of things to choose from, and i was really as lost as Alice in wonderland.
At last i deiced to get a glow facial, hair trimming, shave, deep conditioning, body massage, head massage and pedicure.
I never thought facial was such a long and tedious process - the guy applied three coats of
something or other and a face pack - i don't mind that - but hey, do he really have to steam my
face? man, it was some kind of torture - but the result is nice - a smooth face, and yeah - it
really feels nice to touch my skin ;-) Will I do it again - no, i don't have the patience to sit
and undergo the ordeal though the results are really worth it