Sunday, November 4, 2007

I feel the need... the need for speed.

Jeevs have got his fair share of performance tweaks over a period of time, the last being high
performance Platinum Spark plugs from NGK. Today early morning I took him out for a speed run to check how much he can clock on a open road. I left by 5.00, and reached the spot by 5.30 - the traffic was nil - so, with out losing time, i revved him up and gunned him down the tarmac.
He crossed 125KMPH on a straight, and crossed 130 with the help of a decline. Not bad at all, for a bike which barely managed to touch 120 KMPH before the mods.

And before shouting at me for the high speed run - I have done this in a secluded road, with high visibility and devoid of any public transport. The road is officially not open for public
transport, and there is no houses or villages along side. I use full protective gear, and I
strongly discourage stunt/fast riding on public roads through traffic.

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