Sunday, November 18, 2007

Memories – a page from my college life

Inspired by the blog of Aarthi-Lost in Utopia

PUC or Pre degree was the best time to enjoy college life. You are just out of school, and all the freedom and color of campus life is sure a heady cocktail which can knock you out till the exams wakes you up.
I have a weird habit - i sleep very little at night - i am happy with just 45 minutes of sleep - anything less than that, and i feel tired next day. But if i attend a seminar of class, I will slowly drift into sleep. Anyway, I didn’t fight this habit coz it helped me always pass teh boring class hours.

During my Pre-Degree first year, I used to sit in 1st bench - with my gang (that is the last time I sat in 1st bench) and to sleep well, i used to open my book and sleep in the pretext of reading the book - especially in Zoology class. I was sure that my zoology teacher know this, but he is letting it go unnoticed (now, don’t ask me how did I knew that - I just knew it) Every thing was fine till the notice came for the PTA (Parents-Teacher-Association - an association created to harass the poor students and put a big blooper in the otherwise excellent college life) and to my worst horror, i was assigned to my Zoology teacher. I was sure that I am going to a good dose from him, and to make the things worse, my dad - for the first time- decided he will attend the meeting instead of my mom. On the D day, i was really tensed up, and was waiting my turn - literally shivering inside. At last my turn came and with a thumping heart, i went to meet him. After the usual exchange of pleasantries, he told my dad "I am really proud of your son. From the moment I start taking class till I finish, he will not even look away from his text book. Anoop, keep this habit - you are concentrating in my class, and it will help you to pass the exam in flying colors" man, can’t say what relief I felt that day. I promised my dad that I will keep 'concentrating' in the class and kept the word ever after ;-)


♥busy_writer♥ said...

hahaha! what luck!!!

awesome ;)

--xh-- said...

@ Busy_Writer - yup, true :) i was a greay-sheep @ college, and got away with most of my pranks :)

Ranjani said...

haha...I'm jealous of you...first of all,I wish I could function properly on 45 minutes of sleep...I need 7 hours to feel alive...even though I rarely ever get that much. I used to use the same book trick in 9th grade French, except I would work on math homework behind my textbook. The teacher never noticed :D. So how did you end up doing on the exam in your zoology class?

Aarthi said...

hey thts cool man...hehe..v have been really good students..aren't v? You concluded it really well..saying sumthing like "they lived happily ever after"

--xh-- said...

@Rajani: exams where ok - studied for 2 dayz b4 exam and got 70% ;-)
@Aarthi: you - we really enjoyed our campus life :-) and yeah - i continued sleeping in class till I finished my MCA ;-)

Anonymous said...

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