Monday, November 19, 2007

My take on 50 things to do before I die

Meghana taged me to do this meme. Since i had some time @ my hand, i thought why not do it now. So here is my list of 50 things to do.
01. Ride to Leh on Bullet.
02. Do a around the India trip on a bullet.
03. Do the complete Himalaya belt on bullet.
04. Go for a road trip across US on a Harley.
05. Cross Australia on a Buell or KTM.
06. Own a Ducati 1098 and MV Augusta F4Tamburini and do track days on them.
07. Meet Michael Schumacher, Ayn Rand and Richard M Stallman.
08. Become the test driver for Ferrari passenger cars.
09. Race a Ferrari F1 car.
10. Build a super bike from scratch.
11. Self modify a Contessa to produce over 1000 bhp power and win drag races.
12. Gift my dad and mom a Rolls Royce and a harley Davidson.
13. Learn to fly a fighter jet.
14. Experience Mach III speed in a fighter jet.
15. Fight for my country.
16. Learn professional photography.
17. Learn to bake.
18. Learn to handle a barbeque grill and organize a barbeque party for all my online friends.1
9. Learn to make my own dress.
20. Learn to make a shoe.
21. Learn to speak, write and read French, German,Italian and Greek .
22. Learn reverse engineering and reverse engineer windos XP/Vista to get the code.
23. Contribute to Open Source movement.
24. Own my own business empire
25. Learn salsa.
26. Read all the books I ever want.
27. Teach at Harvard.
28. Build a super computer
29. Go for a around the world trip with my Dad in a 4WD Jeep/Land Rover/Hummer H1.
30. Make my dad and mom feel like King and Queen at their old age.
31. Break land speed record.
32. Visit Utah Salt Flats.
33. Build a research laboratory for my brother
.34. Do bartending at a party.
35. Make a shelter home for the roadside people.
36. Rehabilitate all the homeless people i see on roads.
37. Gift a diamond to my mom.
38. Make my future wife a princess.
39. Race with my future kids.
40. Eliminate begging from the world.
41. Make my children study without ever letting them know the pressure to perform and get
high grades.
42. Go on a month long hiking inside a jungle, without any kind of electronic gadgets
43. Build a big township so that all my friends can stay together.
44. Make India proud about me.
45. Be a master wine connoisseur.
46. Enjoy all cuisines in the world.
47. Cook and server a moonlight dinner for my wife .
48. Visit all the 7 world wonders.
49. Participate in Dakar rally and Raid-de-Himalaya.
50. Learn bird calling


sixtyfourarts said...

i have a similar list of to-do's man :)

--xh-- said...

@sixtyfourarts - whrz the list man? i checked both ur blogs, but didnt see the list. leave the link here, mate :)

sixtyfourarts said...

its not in writing to do that...:)

Love said...

well, you got company for some of the things you want to do!

BTW, you can visit this a similar TO-DO online list and you can find like minded people who want to do similar things and coordinate...

hey, if you are riding to Leh next year, you got company! ;) if you know what i mean :)

Joy said...

good luck.

Meghna said...

hi xh,
I'm glad you did the meme and this was pretty soon too!
Nice list of to-do's! Hope all of them come true. By the way they are too lavish! Got to be a really rich man to do that!
Good luck!

--xh-- said...

@sixtyfourarts: do that, mate:)
@Love: yup - i know. well, let me see - if not this year, then next year.
@joy - thnx:)
@meghana: lavish? hm.. yeah - need to make loads of money for all these dreams to come true :)