Sunday, November 4, 2007

Golconda Chimmeny - restaurant review.

Today after a long time, I caught up with my long time friends couple Suni and Jini.
Over cups of leisurely morning tea, we caught up with each others life and when it was time for lunch, we decided to dine at Golconda Chimmeny, at Marathahally.
It is easy to reach the restaurant - it is on the road side, and so the parking space is not so
easy to find out, especially when the place is full.
The weather was pleasant, so We chose to sit on the terrace. The interiors are of a pleasant tone of green, with dabs of terracotta. The place have a cool air, and though yopu sit on the terrace, the city traffic don't disturbs you - well, at noon at least. I am not so sure how the jam packed Marathahally road will treat you in the evenings.
We ordered Paneer Tikka and Kalmi Kebab for starters, nd it took a lot of time to reach us. The meat of the kebab was done perfectly - juicy, but not overdone- But the masala was on a bit of high side. The paneer was soft and tender, and was done nicley, with the perfect amount of spices. On Suni's recommendation, we ordered Hydrabadi chicken (they call it Zabardast Chicken, and I am really at loss to understand the connection), Mixed veg kuruma and butter nan. I had a bit of high expectation about the food after having the starter, but when we bite into the main course, i realized that it doesn't even come near to starters.
To begin with, the butter nan was crispy - more like roasted nan. the Hydrabadi chicken was good, but not exceptional. we fished out almost half a load green chillies from the curry, but surprisingly the curry was not spicy.
the meat pieces ranged from well done to crispy, but the taste was good. The mixed veg kuruma - guaranteed by the restaurant people to be medium spicy - turned out to be sweet enough for a dessert.
The most bizarre thing happened when I tried to pay the bill using my card - they said they don't accept the card since the terminal have some problem, but when I told him a bit firmly that we don't have cash, and he should have warned us that card is not acceptable before we start our food, he silently took my card and presented me the bill. It should have been a very weird terminal - only to work when you really ask it to work.

the service is efficient, and the whole experience, pleasant. I will give Golconda Chimmeny 3 out of 5.

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