Saturday, November 24, 2007

weekend plans - ruined.

Sometimes, things just like to loose your cool.
Yesterday, after a not-much-busy Friday, i went to my friends place to fix his bike and his comp. fixed his bike and tried to fix a HDD which was not detecting - the bloody thing is that, only slave HDDs are detecting in his pc. No matter what pin configuration you use, or cable you use, all the HDDs are detected as slaves. The comp just refuses to recognize a HDD as master. And to top it off, the disk manager won’t recognize more than one HDD. His pc is not that old, and it should not have any problems recognizing multiple HDDs, but, we are speaking of XP, so, anything can happen.
I was getting late for my usual weekend chat with my sis, so, i left his place and after a good biriyani @ a local joint, rushed home.
Reached a bit late, booted my box and wham - she coughed, sneezed and what do i see - the BOD (blue screen of death). I booted her again; she again coughed, sneezed and gave up on me. Damn.
Tried booting her again, but she was not in a mood to humor me - first she stopped recognizing my two HDDs /(i have 3 HDD and a DVD-R) and after a lot of coaxing, i was able to take her past the POST screen, but only to find out that the boot loader is corrupt. To top it off, i don’t have my XP cd with me. What a beautiful way to start my weekend. No comp means no songs - aarrggghhh....
at times like this, i really think - why the hell reliance don’t make drivers for Linux for their USB modem? it is only for that i am stuck with XP.
Morning got up a bit late, and before i start cooking, tried to play channel V - and lo - the cable operator have switched channels again, and channel V, MTV and VH1 are no where to be seen. But thankfully, my favorite CN and Nickelodeon where intact. After a re-tuning of the cable box, i got Channel V, MTV and VH1 - at the end of the spectrum, with screen full of those ugly colorful dots. But itz ok with me coz i don’t watch TV - i just hear TV. So, cranked up the volume level and started cooking.
After finishing my daily chores, sat with XBOX to kick some ass - some street fighter game - i don’t like role playing games, but i didn’t had any new racing games to play. And this stupid game wants me stand on my head, sing at the top of my voice and clap my hands to take me to next level – or may be i am just not skilled enough. Any way, it made me really loose all my control, so i switched it off and sat with Nietzsche and a bottle of cold breezer. Now the sun is down, I am just back from a walk, and peeped into this net cafe to get my daily dose. No regular peeps to net world till i fixes my pc. Have a nice weekend, folks.


Ps said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this.Even for me, i feel totally lost ,if anything goes wrong with my laptop.At least you know something.I am a total non-techie and feel so helpless.
Thanks for stopping by.
I hope your pc recovers soon.

Aarthi said...

oh..ya this kinda thing irritates/bothers me...hope u come back soon...:)

Aarthi said...

N hey thnks for correcting the typo...:)

Meghna said...

Hi Anoop,
this is so sad. hope your pc is in the right shape soon enough. This is really irritating when it happens. I have to wait for days until the comp. man comes and sets it right. Can you imagine...days without the net and blogging for me?
Nice post and well written!

Curious said...

Awww...and yea like they say..When the day goes well don't switch on ur computer! :D Murphy is out thr to get ya! :D

--xh-- said...

@Ps - yeah, me too hope she recovers soon. but will take 1 or 2 dayz for me to fix her.
@aarthi- me too hope so. and typo - hez my invisible twin :)
meghz - yeah, plan to fix her asap, but all depends on my work schedule.
@curious - you said it. yup - murphy is always there to get us...

Ranjani said...

aw, I hope your computer is up and running again soon. The internet is a duller place without your blog posts to look forward to!

Kuttibalu said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.
and nice post. will read the rest during leisure. hope you the post on 100 things about Photography was useful


--xh-- said...

@ rajani - hope to fix her soon.
@ Balu - sure, it was :)