Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Error in judgment - and he laughs

The timing was perfect. The calculations where spot on. The confidence was high.

A wink of the eye - plan executed.

A perfect plan, but a flawed execution.
Reason - failed to notice something hiding in the darkness.

Call it over confidence or over looking, or bad luck - end result is same.

You never stop learning. Take in what you get, take a deep breath - analyze, assimilate and improvise.

Another Weekend

This weekend was a mixed bag of beans - time with friends, food, ride, trekking and a movie.

Saturday our MCA classmate Jomi came to Bangalore, so we five - me, jubi, jack, Phijo and jomi met at jacks place and spend the whole day lazing around.

By 7, i went to attend the weekly meet of Silver Bullets at Javacity.

Sunday early morning we seven guys went for a ride to Pearl valley - it was more of a trek than a ride. It is a small waterfall, but, it is really a crime to call it a waterfall.

But the place offers some good trek trail, and we explored some 3 hills around the area - a trek of around 6 km.

Sunday evening I watched the movie Bhool Bhulayya. It’s a good movie, if you haven’t watched the original Malayalam movie - Manichitratzau. If you have seen that, then this don’t exactly measure up.

Some snaps from yesterdays ride –

to see all the fotos - click here and here

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fried fish cooked with tomato sauce


Fish (medium sized pieces) : 4 nos ( I used Seer Fish)

Tomato: 4-5 (medium size - Finely chopped)

Dill leaves (Finely chopped)

Green -leaf Onion (Finely chopped)

salt - for taste

Powered black pepper - a pinch

Method of Preparation:

Wash and put aside the fish to dry.

Heat oil in a pan, and fry the fish till fish is golden yellow in color. Take the fish pieces out and keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan and cook tomatoes till it become a thick paste. Add a little (about 30 ml) water. Add salt to taste. Add a pinch of powered black pepper.

When the tomato sauce starts boiling, put the fried fish pieces, and simmer it till the fish pieces absorbs tomato sauce. Take the fish pieces out and keep aside.

Add the finely chopped dill leaves and onion to the tomato sauce and cook for about one minute. Pour this hot sauce on top of the fish kept aside.

garnish with fresh dill leaves and onion. Serve hot.

Thanx Sasmi for the recipe. I made it today night, and it was awesome.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Durga Pooja @ Ulsoor

As usual, Friday saw a flurry of activities at office, but some how, i swiped out by 6.30 and went to meet a friend @ CMH road.

After roaming around there and getting soaked in the Durga Pooja mood prevailing over the whole of Bangalore, i reached home by 9, soaked in rain.

Saturday morning i went to Shivs place and the whole day we lazed around - cracked a lot of silly jokes, cooked lunch, caught up with news from his recent Paris visit and watched some movie on TV.

Sunday morning at sharp 11, I met Nidhi and we went to see the durga pooja pandal at Ulsoor.

The pandal is made by Bengali association, and a visit to the pandal was in my agenda for quite some time. When we reached there, they where stripping the pandal; we where just in time to see it. Next year, i will visit the place before Vijayadasami.

The pooja pandal is actully a Bengali fare - lot of bengali sweetmeet shops, eateries, merry go round and pan shops - it is so sad that we visited the place as they where closing down - we really missed lot of fun and activities.

After spending some time there and freaking out on photo ops, we said good bye to the pandal, but not before treating us with a Calcutta sweet pan. Some snaps from the Pooja Pandal. You can see the whole album here.

M45 - My life saver

Few dayz back, i was in market for a new rear tyre for jeevs – the current MRF ZAPPER have done a commendable job, and though he have at least 7-8k worth life in him, i wanted to go for a new one coz he is old now.
I was asking around my friends and fellow riders, and Navnenndu of BN told me to go for Michelin M45 if I enjoy riding fast in rain. After some more asking around, i decided to get a M45 for Jeevs, and luckily stumbled upon Ashwin, who runs a priority dealership of Michelin.
He got me a M45 last tuesday, and from that day, rain Gods are giving me lot of chance to test the grip of M45. Earlier I used to stick to a maximum of 60 kmph while jeevs was running on Zapper, but now, i can push Jeevs to an easy 80kmph in wet roads.
The M45 grips road like a leech, and gives much confidence to go faster and faster.
Today i was returning to my home after visiting my friend kite – time was around 9.40, and it was raining heavily. I was happy cruising at 60 kmph, and suddenly an idiot came from a pocket road – bang into the middle of the main road, and I squeezed my brakes in a split second – and man, M45 didnt even budge; i am seriously impressed.
If Jeevs where on Zapper, I would have been in a hospital bed now, probably with a couple of broken bones.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A change...

After a long time since i have created this account, I am starting to blog here on a regular basis. I have deleted most of my old posts, and plan to start anew here.
Today is Vijayadashami - an asupecious day for new beginnings. Let me start this blog life with a song I enjoy a lot - this song captures the spirit of new year - though it is from a malayalam movie, there is not much malayalam in the song - and the beats are just addictive...