Monday, November 12, 2007

in search of...

Suddenly, I woke up from my sleep
No, it was not the howling of wind,
Nor hooting of owls, or a strange step in the attic
But I woke up, and realized -
of all the things I lost,
I miss my mind most

She was pure and white,
Not the pale white of death, but the white of a flame
But that was then, and time changed
Lust and pangs of desire
The aberrations of pure and unadulterated

Somewhere along the path, I kept her safe
And she kept her word
- She kept her safe from me, my lust

When I went looking for her
I saw a heap of ashes with some dying embers
And she was already free
Left the cage long time back
And what left of her,
was strange to me.

( inspierd from the quote "Of all the things Ive lost, I miss my mind the most" by Mark Twain )


abinash said...

Good work. Got a good insight.... I liked it.

Shre said...

u do write up well too, like it :)

Mocha said...

wow. when i went through ur blogs before it was just a superfical read. now seeing another layer