Monday, June 30, 2008

back home...

It always feels nice to be back home... I have grown accustomed to this place - 'blogsphere'- that i can really call it home, and when I open it after a long dry spell, I feel like coming home after a long trip...

I have been quiet busy @ work and my creative (ahem ahem!) side have taken a back seat for the time being. I have not been to most of your pages, but I hope I will soon start roaming around...

Let me signoff now with a small poem - Preetz wrote it for me, and man, she just read my mind when she penned down the lines...
I am really touched with this, and Preetz, a huge hug to you, dear....


Writing is a passion I indulge in to express
Though many a times from what I wanna write I digress

But these days I'm just too lazy
Or call me plain crazy
But writing is a far-away thought!

I love to curl up with a book in one hand
And a lovely drink in the other, not too bland

Food and travel I want to do
But writing suddenly seems too difficult to do!

It's not that I'm losing interest, no no It's not even that blogging isn't enticing, no no!
It's just that I'm plain lazy
And everything else seems hazy!

I hope I'm ok pretty soon
Too many people consider my writing a boon ;) That is just my ego kicking I hope so would the writing!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008


I saw the eyes...
eyes where dreams walked once..
eyes which sparkled with curiosity

an empty stare, a stretched hand
rugged and callous, a blank face
she walks from car to car, with opened up palms
her bro tugging her skirt

the man in the car averted his glaze,
the mademoiselle kept petting her dog insider her air-conditioned car
the lovers on bike continued their talk
and the average Joe on his bike
didn’t even bother to acknowledge her existence

the signal changed to green,
and the cab driver hooted his horn impatiently
she moved slowly to the sidewalk
her face saying a polite sorry for her existence
and she stared to emptiness
her eyes, cemetery of her dreams...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And Quiet Flows the Don

Itz been long time since i have put any update on my life here. it feels strange considering the fact that i stated blogging about me and my life... the main thing why you don't see any updates here was I was being lazy and then there was nothing happening in my life.. it was just flowing, no changes, no new faces, no new outings... well, no that is not true.. there where incidents I cherish, incidents i love to share, but i was too lazy to pen down them...

This weekend was a lazy one. i didn't even get out on whole Sunday... tried reading Snapshots by Shoba De, but could not finish it.. man, I know thousands of better way to waste my 250 rs. Never thought it will be this bad...

I have a tag left out - the book tag, and I was contemplating on doing it. I have been tagged by Preetz and by Ceedy, and today Emaan the Kewl too tagged me with it, which actually made me to the tag.

For this tag, I'm supposed to Pick up the nearest book. Go to page 123. Find the fifth sentence.Post the next three sentences.Then tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

The nearest book I have here is 'The Unbearable lightness of being' by Milan Kundera, and here goes the 6th, 7th and 8th sentences from page 123.

"They sought out the company of friends, colleagues, students, and strangers, and enjoyed sitting, drinking, and chatting with them. They took frequent excursions to the Alps. Franz would bend over, the girl hopped onto his back, and off he ran through the meadows, declaiming at the top of his voice a long German poem his mother had taught him as a child."

I am lazy and I am not tagging the next five people...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Never let me go - Kazuo Ishiguro

Imagine sitting besides a pond still and deep, nestled in the middle of a tranquil landscape, with a gentle wind to give you company - this is almost what i felt when i was reading 'Never let me go' by Kazuo Ishiguro. The novel was more of a poem than a novel. The style so subtle and masterful, that it overpowers the substance at many places.

When you travel with students of Hailsham from the innocent dorm days to their last days, you get a feeling of an urge to explode, to run down the street screaming, to reclaim the personal life from what is to what it could have been. The novel is simple and deceptively sad, and a journey from hopelessness to more hopelessness...and when you encounter the breaking point at last, you feel an emptiness... an emotion which cant be described using words...

the relation between Kath, Tommy and Ruth is strong and deep and the effect of it in the story is like a tide, which strikes you with full force when Ruth passes away... the mental agony each one goes through, the state numbness which tides over Kath when she have to do anything but break the silence... I am at loss of words...

The book is not about science, it is not a science fiction... it merely uses a concept to weave an intricate story - a story so beautifully intricate that the concept (or medium? ) on which the story is build is reduced to nothing but a spectator...

Man, I fail so miserably when I try to describe this work. I should have known my limitations before I set out to write a review to this fantastic piece of novel with an intriguing poetic beauty.

Go and read this book if you are in mood for something stirring, something pulling the strings of your heart... and don’t try to analyze this book with reason or science - that will be the worst thing you can do to this work of art. Not recommended for time pass reading or perk up reading... it may even bog down you mood a bit...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why do any one need a helmet?

A non descriptive day, some where in the middle of last week. I am all ready and fresh as a whatchamacallit and all set to go to work. I ease out Jeevs from the parking lot, pat him gently, and he greets me with a warm spark. We both starts rolling, and the day seems perfect as a picture post card.

Beep beep.. ka boom.. screech... A sudden jolt made me break my reverie and I see traffic suddenly comes to a jarring halt... I ease down the speed, idling the engine and starts pushing the bike slow and then I saw the cause of the jam - an accident. A silver Pulsar 200 lying on the road, no visible damages - not even broken headlamp or mirrors, a red pulsar, being lifted up and a shaky rider standing besides the bike... nothing out of ordinary - after all, these small kinds of accidents do happen. But then I saw the other guy - the P200 rider - lying next to his bike. No damage on his body other than on his head... his head is lying in a pool of blood, and I stopped and was going to help people moving him to hospital - when they said that he is already gone. On the spot. Like a puff... The guy just came to main road for something - and he was NOT wearing a helmet. Only if he would have wearing a good helmet...

Fast forward to today morning. After wading through almost half a kilometer of traffic jam at Old Madras Road, Me and Anikutty had a sigh of relief when we cleared the snarl and slowly took her to a sweet 60... The road was almost empty - a straight stretch (between Infinity Tech Park and BigBazar - when coming from KR Puram towards MG Road) and I saw some vehicles coming from opposite direction... people never learn the meaning of one way... I saw a BMTC bus breaking the one-way and coming in my lane, and the suddenly, I saw a bike and the rider flying across the road - hardly 20 - 30 mtr ahead of me. I still don’t know how it happened - may be the bike guy misjudged the speed of either his bike or the bus while trying to over take another guy - what ever it may, it resulted his black Pulsar hitting the bus and he flying across the road... and his helmet flew before him. Luckily, the guy survived, and was able to sit and take water, and people caught an auto to take him to hospital.
What shocked me, apart for the accident is, though the guy wore a helmet, he never fastened the straps. Now, what is the use of a loose helmet with out straps on? The whole point of helmet is to make sure it helps you to save your head when a collision occurs - but if the strap is not fastened, it is as good as not wearing it.
The Bus driver was shaking, and the furious mob didn’t leave him - but luckily, there where many sane people around, so the moment a guy started beating up the driver, other guys made him stop, but not before the driver getting a heavy blow on his temples by a guy’s helmet. Now, it is one thing to catch hold of the driver if he tries to flee the scene, but when the driver feels guilt (a look of his face and you could have read it) and is genuinely tries to help the victim, do people have to flog him? I know what the driver did was wrong - breaking the one way and all that - but he did take responsibility of the mistake. At last, when I left the scene, the driver and some others where shifting him into an auto to take him to a hospital...

A very simple question to all those who are out there riding their bikes/scooterettes... is it that difficult to properly wear a good helmet? I mean, what is the use of wearing a helmet with the straps off? I have seen many people buying helmets from roadside, or going for the cheapest helmet they can find - all this when they invested tens of thousands of money to buy the bike of their choice... aren’t your life worth the extra couple of hundreds of rupees?

please buy a good ISI standard helmet - don’t go for the looks alone, don’t go and buy the brands like Kimi/Ocra/XYZ... stick to a reputed brand like Steel bird/Vega/MPA or if you can stretch your budget, get a good international brand like GP One/AGV/Shoei/KBX etc...And do wear it properly whenever you take your bike out... there are people out there who care for you... so, if not for you, do this for them...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nandi hills - Once again...

Its been long time since i have 'written' anything here - not that nothing is happening around me, but I was in a kind of lethargy... the moment I start to pen down my thoughts, my words will start drying up - and how ever I may try, I never get past first few sentences...

It was almost like this with my riding too. Itz been quiet some time since I was on road, and whenever some of my friends start planning, I somehow end up missing them...

This week, I was in a mood to rest, so Saturday I was almost home all the time. By evening, the ride bug started crawling under my skin, and after a few failed attempts to chalk out a plan, decided to hit roads early morning to see sun rise at Nandi hills.
Nandi hill is a place around less than 100 KM from my home, so it was more or less like a jog in the park than a proper ride. Woke up by 4, and set out from my home by 4.30, and went to pick up my friends Sivaram. We left from his home by 5, and when we passes Hebbal fly over, I knew my plan for a lazy ride was ready for a toss - Our plan was to reach Nandi hills to watch the sun rise, but the sky already started showing signs of rising sun... this coupled with a sparse traffic three lane highway (at many places, the highway was almost like a runway, properly lit and marked lanes, arrow straight road, and no traffic) was more than enough reason to wring the throttle and Anikutty (She is my cousins Bullet, and I ma her temporary custodian) surged past 100 kmph effortlessly.
Just before 6 am we reached Nandi hills, and what welcomed us there was -believe it or not - thick mist. We had a ball there - walking around and getting lost in the mist, enjoying the blowing winds and hot hot coffee...
A slight overlook from my part saw Moi running out of juice, and it was kind of damper coz we where quiet shutter happy and was planning ahead to take lot more pictures...
By 9, we said good bye to Nandi hills and started our journey back. On the way, we stopped at a wayside place and had hot yummy Appams, and reached Sivaram’s place and crashed... the only downside of the trip was, it gifted me a mild fever... hope I will be ok in two days time... :-D

Some pictures...

(Ps: now reading a book by Kazuo Ishiguro - Never let me go... Man, it is a beautiful book, one which I will recommend even before I finish reading it)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

meme of quirks (or are they?)

These are the rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you…Ceedy
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged..
here goes teh quirks...

1) When my computer slows down, I scold her and call her gaalis... Sme times, I even beat my home pc...yeah yeah - case of domestic violence, i know :P
2) I talk to my bike when I ride.
3) I keep forgetting things... and can forget anything at the drop of the hat. This hv landed me in sopu quieta lot of times.
4) Like connecting unrelated ideas and concepts to create a funny situation. Sometimes results in atrocious PJ's which even surprises me sometimes. (picked straight from Ceedy - this is something I share with him)
5) I usually never talk whn I take the first bite of the food - I let myslef seduced by the taste buds.
6) I have to have at lest some junk jwellery on me all teh time... chains, rings, bracelets... chances ar ethat you will never find me without some thing or otehr on me :-D

now, itz my turn to tag - I tag Preetz and Ashu :-D

(Totally adidicted to Jaane Tu Mera Kiya Hai, Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi and lazy lamhe and Azhiyilae from Dhoom Dham - amazing songs... Ada is also not at all bad... )