Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FireFox 3 Download Day

The first ever web browser I used was a Netscape, and from there browsers have grown a lot... Of all the things that happened to the web browsers, the most important (well, at least for me) was the launch of FireFox, a robust and secure browser. It didn’t take much time to take over the heart of netizens, and I believe a good percentage of you use FireFox to browse.
Now, the new version of FireFox is getting ready to hit the market, and they are doing a grassroots level campaign to set a Guinness Book World record of having most downloads on a day.

This blog is to pledge my support to Mozilla download day. If you have used and like the earlier versions of Mozilla, then give this new avatar a try. If you are still a Fox-Virgin, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pledge and download it on the big day and be a part of history.

Click on the button or any of the link to go to the page and pledge your support now. Click here to read the official blog. Go spread the word.

Download Day - English

Ps: If any of you out there would like to get a FREE CD of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, drop a mail to me. I am giving away FREE CDs (yes, you don’t even have to pay postage if you are inside India) to all those who want to try Ubuntu.

Monday, May 26, 2008

one more meme

Got tagged by sandhya a while back, and this is my take on the tag...
Ride: yes, I miss riding out... the way I see it, it will take me some more time (at least 1 more month) to be on road for some good rides
crush: long time, no crush and of late, no dates too.. man, whatz hapening to me :(
a juicy, tender beef steak: Any one game for Lazzio or tiffany for lunch?
college days: will that carefree days ever return?
My bro: would have nice if he was around :)
i think thatz it - cant think of anything i miss NOW... I am happy as the way life is :)

10 things i want to achieve within a decade:
( i did a meme earlier abt 50 thinsg I want to do - i am picking 10 from the list, in no particular order)
01. Ride to Leh on Bullet.
02. Self modify a Contessa to produce over 1000 bhp power and win drag races.
03. Learn professional photography.
04. Learn to bake.
05. Cook and server a moonlight dinner for my future wife .
06. Make my dad and mom feel like King and Queen.
07. Visit Utah Salt Flats.
08. Do bartending at a party.
09. Race with my future kids.
10. Make my children study without ever letting them know the pressure to perform and get high grades.
now it is my turn to tag, and I tag
(dude, itz time for u to update ur blog)

ps: my short trip to kerala was awsome.. thanks for all the wishes...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Going home.. ooo la la la... I am on cloud nine - I am leaving to Kerala today...
and will be back on monday morning. So till tuesday, I will be absent from all your blog pages...

Of late, my page have turned to a photo / tag blog.. sorry all you peeps... am still breaking my block.. a big thanks to all who visit my space...

(clicked this last saturday when I visited Butterfly park, a part of Bannerghetta national park, Bangalore)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Oye bubbly...

Bangalore introduced me to the fine art of wine tasting, and to say least, I love them.

If you have ever been to kerala, and wanted to get a bottle, the only place which can help you is cvil supplies shops, where you have to stand in queue under hot sun, among the company of flies and mosquitoes and if you are fortunate, reeking drunkards and even the guy sitting in the counetr looks down to you like an ugly toad.
So, coming from a place like that, the Foodworlds and Spencers and umpteen other shops at bangalore where you can walk in, touch, feel and buy liquor was a pleasent surprise for me.

Last saturday evening, me and my friends went to Madhuloka to pick up a bottle of bubbly, and man, I got bowled over by the reinnovated shop.

The scotch and Vodka section

Some of teh finest Scotches


and more wines

Beer, Breezer and non-alchoholic drinks

No, I didn't buy this

neat, spacious, comfortable chairs, swaky LCD display units, multiple billing counters, and with a well laid out display, this is by far the best place I have seen to pick up a bottle. Drop down to pick up anything - from tootch pick to glass to ice buckets to some not so common aged wines, and am sure you will be happy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the fiver u never knew...

Got tagge by macadamia, and boy, it really came at the right time. having a hectic schedule which kind of kept me off from writing anything, and at times like this, i really like to do the tags :-D
the rules of the tag - I have to share five things which I have never sahred with you my blogreaders before.
hm.. it got me thinking for a while... and here is my list:
1) I read fast and I can read for long time without losing concentration... many times, I finish books at one go. when i read, i may not even realise even if teh world collapse (ok, taht is an exxageration, but you can sure come to my room, yell at me and go back, and i wont even realise you came to my room)
2) I sketch at times. I dont think I have posted any of teh sketches I made coz I stopped sketching almost 5 years back. but now I plan to do it again, and I made a sketch of sophia, and she says she can recognise it is she.
3) I mix right and left a lot... I never get confused whn i ride, but whn i give directions, or talk, I get both confused.
4) spiders are soo yuck... can stand any oterh instects, but spider - no, never.
5) I tasted Lassi for teh first time in my life almost a month beofre. Till then, belive it or not, I have never tasted it. yes, it do tastes good.
hm.. now itz my time to tag, and I tag
Go and spread.. muhuhaaa...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Stranded, originally uploaded by -xh- aka aNoop.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

for the kid in u...

I usually don’t watch TV. Cable is the most underutilized stuff @ my home - I use to only to watch F1 race when sometimes I decide to watch it @ my home. Most of the other times, I don’t even switch on my cable connection.
But there is one thing I can watch. And then watch some more. And some more. I will never get bored of watching them - cartoons. From the good old Tom and Jerry to the latest ones like Pukka, I love watching them all. I have burned loads of DVDs full of cartoons... and I do watch them often than I watch real movies...

If there is anything I enjoy about cartoons than watching them is to read the comic strips... Dennis, C&H, Peanuts, Bringing up father, Dilbert, Garfield, Hagar the Horrible, Henry, Dennis the menace, Dilbert - the list goes on.

When I stumbled upon the official site of Hagar the Horrible, my joy Kew no bounds coz I saw a huge collection of strips, neatly arranged, and that too, for free. If there is any Hagar fans out there, go here and read and enjoy... :-D

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Vodafone Ad

Was lazing at my friends place and he was watching some horrendous mallu movie where the 'Mr. I-Dare-to-Do' police officer Suresh Gopi flexing his 'toned up muscles' and some match in IPL. I got bored of this two, and nicked the remote to watch some other channels, or my favorite - the ads and was channel surfing and suddenly I saw a news in some channel about a controversy about the new Vodafone ad aired in India. Some one have alleged that the animal have been treated badly and kicking up some dust.

Curious about the issue, I goggled to get some more news about it when I got back home. Now, before you read further, watch the ad (if you haven’t watched it already)

I am not a great lover of dogs, but I don’t hate them. I think I can have one at my home, if some one else is taking care of them. For me, this ad is a very cute way to getting a message across.
I remember the old Hutch ad, where the pug used to follow a boy where ever he goes sending a message 'wherever you go, your network follows'.
Then hutch became Vodafone, but the pug stayed back in the ads. Now they have come up with a new ad, with a tag line 'Ready to help', which shows the pug helps a young girl. A very cute ad, I say.

The ad is on air for almost a month now, and now the Animal Welfare Board of India have sent a show cause notice towards Vodafone and the ad agency who created this ad. What irked them is the scene where the pug runs behind the but with a tie, and they says it could have endangered the life of the pug.

the ad agency said that there was a licensed vet around and certificates about the health of the pug was obtained before and after the shooting...

Now, to this jump in PETA, the NGO which is a part of many controversies. They tried to support the Animal Welfare Board of India, but am not so sure whether the job was a success or failure.

what troubles me is the policing in ads. First the uproar to ban all the ads which shows motorcycle it is 'cruelty' against animals. What next? Do you really think making the pug run behind the bus amounts to cruelty to it?