Monday, December 15, 2008

Goin on...and on.. and on...

From 33333.3 to 44444.4 in about 10 months... not so bad considering the fact that I was not riding much this year.  
Thanks a lot buddy - you mean a lot to me and each and every passing kilometer makes me 
happy that I chose you.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Never I thought all is white and black.
Said people, if you trust-
broken heart is what you will be left with,
but I said, for every broken trust-
i will find ten another
For my trust is not on a man, but on mankind
and one is not whole, but an isle
in the land of Atlantis
Each small piece of trust broken
leaves me a little hollow
but like a ball thrown down
bounce back, I will.
A forfeited smile, a sublime betrayal
will never break the trust
for the forest is not a tree.


This is for you, my friend - the trust you broke today will make place my trust on others with more confidence, and I will keep doing it till I am the last man standing... I promise to myself that betrayals will never take me down, but will make me bounce back harder... 

Monday, December 8, 2008


Point 1: Last weekend was hectic - and I discovered a new love - Cycling. The new partner in crime is a slick blue Firefox Fusion - i am now totaly in love with the light weight blue bird or a cycle. Ove rthe last weekend, I put a considearble amount of mileage and did some quick speed runs (and clocked 50+ kmph at ORR, near Marathahally)

Point 2: After a really long gap, I got contact details of a friend and called her up - it was after 10 years we are talking to each other, and man, it really felt good.

Point 3: If any of you like karnatic music, do check out this - Alaipayuthe, new classical album from Yesudaas. 

Awesome is not enough. 
(If you go to that link, look for teh album Alayipayuthe - i am not able to get a permalink to the album) And yeah, songs from Oye Lucky Lucky Oye! - love them too..

Point 4: NFS is reclaiming me.. ANd I enjoy re-living the old gaming days... and no, I am not playing the latest NFS Undercover, but the old NFS MW.

Point 5: I cook dinner regulerly now, and I am enjoying every moment of it. (Poor my room mate - i dont think I can say same about him ;) )

Point 6: there is no point 6. itz time to get back to work... December is a busy and hectic month... :|

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I refuse...

Open the newspaper any day, and chances are that you will see some news about terror in some parts of our country.

Do you live in a shadow of terror? Do you think twice before you get out of your home? Do you think you are still ready to take that road trip / vacation / outing without some nagging worry in your mind? Would you think twice before heading to a shopping mall or a cinema hall?

I don’t. I feel safe walking down the street. I feel happy riding my bike to there and nowhere. This is MY home. Some insane lunatics can’t take this from me. If you see cockroaches in your house, do you live in a state of fear? Or do you take preventive measures to eradicate them from your space?

I agree that our country is vulnerable. I know that most of our politicians are useless and are interested only in playing poli-trics and making money.
But I will not let that knowledge plant a seed of fear in my mind.

But I know that our army will fight till their last breath before the enemy sets foot in our soil. I refuse to live in a shadow of perpetual terror - for I believe, the moment you succumb to terror, the elements who want to disrupt India wins. The ultimate aim of all the terror attacks is to make people live in a state of fear, and I refuse to be a victim.

"Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once." - Julius Ceaser.


Am I a feminist? 

(This blog is inspired by Usha’s blog. If you have not read it, take few moments to read the blog. ) says feminism is the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. By that definition, yes, I am a staunch feminist.

I don’t believe in discrimination of any kind. Man or women, at the end, all are separate individuals. And all individuals have equal rights.
I was hoping around in the blogsphere and I saw a blog where the author has written a comment made by author’s friend “A new women joined our office and she got promoted. Obviously, she slept her way around” - I was like – man, wtf. If it is a guy who got promoted, will any one say he got promoted coz he slept around? I hardly see that. 
I see lot of discrimination happening around women around me.I have heard many of my friends saying that they hate men because of the experience they had.  But when I think about it, I have friends who hate women because of the experiences they had.

In my opinion, generalizing people under a gender is something which one should not do. I have seen many women bloggers saying "never trust a man" and I have seen an equal number of guys’ blogging "never trust women". If you look around, you can see the good, bad and ugly in both the genders. Michael Schumacher is a guy - does that mean all guys are good drivers? Absolutely not. I have seen guys who should not even be allowed to come near a car or a bike, driving merrily to their hearts content. I have seen excellent women drivers who can give any man a run for their money. But that does not prove that all women are excellent drivers. 

It is all in the individuals. Why drag gender/cast/creed/color and build barricades? Why cant people be taken as individuals and appreciated / abhorred for what they are, than taking examples and generalize the whole? 

Hm. Now I realize I started this blog from one topic, and then went to another topic.. digression digression… the ban of a wandering mind. 

IF you are a mallu, watch this video – this is hilarious. I got this from Manu’s blog


Lori maari poyi….

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy B'day, Veenzie...

Wish you a very very happy b'day, veenzie. You are always dear to me, and I know we will be like this in future also.

 I wish you more and more happiness, peace and blissfulness in your life and I wish life will present you with a smile, what ever the circumstances may. 

Be there always and keep making our life fantastic by adding more and more sunshine as you keep doing. 


Geek Comics

Thanks to Vibhu, I found something which made me laugh all the way.  Try them and may be you will laugh too...