Sunday, December 2, 2007


I was thinking about watching this movie for long time, and at last, when I got some free time yesterday, i decided to watch it.

For those who want the short version of review - if you like football, or if you like Johnny boy, go and watch it. it is worth a watch.

Now the long version:
Goal is not Chak de. In my opinion, comparing Goal and Chak de is like comparing oranges and apples coz both are grown on trees. The only element they both share is the sport. Goal is a good movie in itz own regard.
The story is kind of ok, and sometimes, predictable. But that doesn’t make this movie boring. What glued me to the screen is the technical expertise with which the football matches are choreographed. It can’t get real that this - you will never feel that you are watching a made up match, and we really feel the thrill of watching the match. The scene at the locker room – where the coach shows them the posters and the mirror, man, I like it.

I like two songs - the dhan dhana dhan goal (the scene where all the players sing this before starting the match is just awesome - you feel the spirit when you watch the scene) and Ishq Ka Kalma. Billo rani is okeyish - no great shakes.

Watch it, for the movie it is. Chak de used sports to portray patriotism; Goal used patriotism to portray spirit of football. I am glad to see movies based on sports - a change from teh run-of-the-mill love stories and thrillers.

Goal gets a 3.5 out of 5 rating from me. (And if anybody is wondering which is my favorite - chakde or goal; it is Goal without doubt)


♥busy_writer♥ said...

hmm.. hehe, yeah, i AM gonna be watchin this flick for john! i love his new cut. :D

Aarthi said...

Wanted to watch that one...but was held up....:(

--xh-- said...

@ aarthi: get a DVD when it is out :)