Wednesday, December 5, 2007

yesterday evening...

What is the BEST thing to end a busy working day with? For me, nothing more than a ride in the rain. Now rains are almost back to their cozy little place, and they don’t visit b'lore often. But yesterday while I was on the way back, it began to drizzle slightly. As soon as I took my turn from the highway, I stopped my bike, removed my jacket, gloves and helmet and just roamed around - getting wet in the light drizzle - and to keep me company, Pearl kept on playing some of my favorite tracks.

Nothing beats getting wet in a rain - if you are riding, the better :-) and, did i tell you about the smell? The smell of earth after rain - this is one smell which can drive me crazy (the other one is the smell of colocasia flower after rains). It is now getting colder here, and I love when it is cold.
During November - December, it is too much fun to have a steaming hot glass of strong filter coffee early in the morning, from the tea stall - the early morning chill and hot coffee goes exceptionally well together.


anonme said...

the smell of the earth after the rain??
hey! that was on my blog sometime ago.. in my 8 random facts abt myself.. :) i think there is not one single soul who doesn like that!

oh! filter coffee?? hav u ever had it Madrasi style?? that my dear is heaven!! an i get to drink it evryday of my life.. (haan bhai madrasi hum is liye!) anyways, that in the rain is just too good..

and riding ur bike in the rain? (wow!)ab bas bhi karo!! tumhare post se bada mera ye comment ho jaayega! :D

--xh-- said...

@ Anonme - are yaar, mein Madrasi Filter coffee hi peetha me har too think almost every one likes teh smell of earth :) I looove riding in rain and do it as often as I can :)
Comment post se syada bada hota tho bahut khusi ki bath hein :)

Aarthi said...

OMG....I'm lost in the fun you had...U made me feel jealous..Rain..Smell..Pearl...awesome..:)

--xh-- said...

@ aarthi: yeah - that was really fun :)