Thursday, December 20, 2007

Barbeque nation @ Koramangala

I have been to Barbeque nation at Indiranagar, and i quite love the experience. So, when they opened done of their branch at Koramangala, which is near to my office, i was all eager to try it out. So, yesterday we all - a team of 6 - went to have a barbeque dinner.

I called early to book a table and after making the booking, when i reached the place, there was no mention of my booking. But they promptly gave us a table, so, though it was a small hiccup, full marks for giving us a table promptly.

Food fare is quite the same, four vegetarian skewers and four non vegetarian skewers, and some thandoori verities. The mushroom tasted a bit different than what they server at Indiranagar, but other than that, all the dishes tasted consistently good. The lamb sheek kebab was a bit dry, but rest of the palate was fine.
I had a glass of Sula reserve with the starters - it is high time they start serving some imported good wines. Not that Sula is not good - make no mistake, Sula reserve is one of the finest reserve you can buy in India, made by an Indian winery, but I would like to see a bit more choices.

After feasting on the starters, we where not in mood for the buffet - but the spread was good nonetheless. I had a bit of fish in lemon and butter with soem breads, and it tasted good.
The Gulab Jamuns was really wonderful, and same with the burgundy caramel. By the time we finished the dinner, I was barely able to walk back to my bike. A very filling experience indeed.

The staffs are really courteous, and makes sure your grill never stays empty. The live band was nice, they did some good numbers (and one of them - my favorite - who the fu*k is Alice). If you are looking for good grills plus a good dining experience, head out to Barbeque nation, but make sure you call up and book you table in advance.


Love said...

i guess they lack a bit too tad in the spirits section... last time i was at indiranagar, the bartender couldn't mix a mojito too well!

i guess the smartest way to order is your good ol beer :p

Pointblank said...


And by te way, who te fuck is Alice? is one of my favs too!

--xh-- said...

@LJ: yup - they do lack in spirits section.
@pointblank: :)itz one of the first english songs i ever heard and is still oen of my fav.