Monday, December 17, 2007

Tag again...

Here goes one more of the tags - this time, itz from Harini. Lo and behold – 8 facts about --xh-- aka aNoop

I love snakes: yeah, you read it right. i love to pet snakes, and like to catch them with my hands.

I sleep very little: usually, I go to sleep by 1.30-2.00 and get up by 5.30-6.00, but if needed, i can go on days with just 0.45 minutes sleep. Nights are for online life, reading and gaming. Sleeping is something i do when i get bored.

Michael Schumacher: The only person’s poster I ever used to decorate my room wall. He is god of Speed. Period.

Read: I love reading, and read everything but romance. a crazy HP fan, reads HP and Kafka and Ludlum and anything in between.

Kite: I love flying kites. And no, i don’t mind people staring at me :P For me, going to beach is - flying kites, making sand castles, getting wet, flying kites again and popcorns. No, you are not supposed to kid me over this.

Chocolates and ice creams: Love them, and can eat tem all the time. I find it very hard to share chocolates and ice creams. so, be nice - don’t ask me to share. :)

Babies: I am extremely good with babies. I even know how to bath newly borns. I love playing with them and coochicooing them.

PJs: have a knack of cracking the worst PJs no one can understand. I prefer to say that My jokes are of a different kind, which needs sophisticated sense of humor to understand, than just labeling them as PJs. And, i laugh at jokes even when no one else laughs.

Now, i am suppose to tag some of my friends, but this time, i am taking a leaf from harini - I tag you all who read this blog... :)


♥busy_writer♥ said...

nice nice! :-)

good wid babies??
*bows down*

and i love crocodiles! :D

and i dont like sharin meat :D

Lena said...

lol why people feel it so easy to tag just everyone who reads :P
Lucky me I have done this one already though was tagged for several variations of it after that :D
I cant bear snakes, i cant think about them, write about them, just i guess a phobia :D
And good with babies... cuteeeeeee!!! ;)

NERDSCORE.. datsharini4ya said...

hmmmmmm so ive become popular on ur blog!!! blah
n nyway....babies???i dont like em so much ... n i sooo crack pjs... hmmm an u make so much sense bout the sleep thing...guess ill try it....
hmm snakes??i dont mind em... hmmm
i adore reading too...was dis huuuuge hp fan... not ludlum tho..but i like romance(actually never tried but am guessin)...
n lucky u...blore doesnt have a beach... i soooo miss em!!
i like chocolates too..... guess dats it!! phew... sent u a huge comment finnaly...wantin 2 do dat 4 ages now.. have fun taggin!!

--xh-- said...

@busy_writer: Crocodiles.... never got a chance to pet them :) had a bat once though...
@lena: tag everyone coz itz easy and i am lazy ;) snakes r actually nice. there is nothing to be afraid of them, you know.
@harini: you too from b'lore? me also based here. but i do go to chennai now and then and that is when i get to play @ beach. and yeah - tahzt a long comment - i love long comments :)

anonme said...

lol.. twas a fun read!

a person who called me nerdy loves snakes.. thats like my jeeju.. he used to hav a python!

good with babies? lovely!!

u don share chocs n ice creams? grow up!! or rather don grow up! its fun to know someone like that!! :D

romantic? not many guys are like that.. i repeat u are a different one! :)

and though i am insomniac too i love sleeping wen i actually am able to sleep!

twas fun readin this and thankfully i am done with this tag!!(yayy!!)

--xh-- said...

@Akila: i never told i am not nerdy :P he he. yeah - kind of romantic nerd :) A python? i would love to have one. I used to love sleeping during my college classes. yeah doc - a bit different from others, i guess :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

OMG! You like snakes???? I mean I don know.. see im lost of words.. Im so scared of snakes.. Even I see it on tv or jus' a toy I get freaked and run away from the place.. Other than the snake thing evrything else was really sweet :)

I've done this tag 2 times already :)

Anonymous said...

no tag for me I did this one already....:):)I'll pass on the snakes..two things I'm not good with snakes and heights...

Pointblank said...

"flying kites, making sand castles, getting wet, flying kites again and popcorns" - yet hate to read romance. Surprising!!!

Ah! So u do know u sleep less. I was surprised when I read some of ur earlier posts referring to te same as if t was normal to sleep only 4 hrs!!! U r truly gifted I say!

--xh-- said...

@shalini: so, i now know how to scare you if needed ;-)
@robert: :) well, you can always pick up the next tag when i do it.
@pointblank: reading romance - no man, i will pass it. i am a bit of romantic in my own way, but not much :) yeah, i know i sleep less. infact, 4 hrs are more than enuf of sleep for me ;)

priya said...

Oh boy!! Some weird but all quite romantic thou'. Hey Xh, I had tuff time to open ur blog in IE and never did. It ok with FF thou'.

Ps said...

I love Kites, babies, reading and michael Schumacher! :-)
Petrified of snakes.(my kids love snakes)
And I DON't consider myself tagged! :-)

--xh-- said...

@priya: hm... may be my blog loves FFox :) here it opens in IE7 without any hiccups. wil try to see whatz the prob with IE.

@Preeti: wow, u too like Schumi. great. next time, i will amke you u consider yourself tagged ;)

Nags said...

sorry to hear things were bad with your ex. happy to know you learnt a lot. may the next time be better.

women are just an insecure bunch. i dont know why.

--xh-- said...

@nags: there is nothing to be sorry about :) at the end of teh day, we both are happy, even though it didnt work out for us.

Shruti said...

ever had such a late comment? ;) Well.. couldn't help it. I read it only today and loved every point that u wrote and I couldn't just walk away without saying anything :)

Mocha said...

I love to fly kite. We live near gulf of mexico. So have chance to go bbeautiful silver soft sand ever now and then. I love flying kites and making sand castles. I love open waters.

I tried my will power quit chocolates for year and it was worst time in life