Monday, December 24, 2007

The joy and warmth of friendship...

Long time back, i heard a saying - distance is to love what wind is to fire - it annuls the feeble, but accelerates the mighty.
I think it is almost same for friendship - there are friendships which have grown thicker and thicker no matter where you are or what you are doing, and there are many friends who fades away to oblivion once you stop contacting them.
But at times, how ever hard you try, you do loose contacts with some close friends - and that is what happened between me and Ranji.
Ranji and I met during our BSc days, and it didn’t take much time for me to realize that she is a wonderful friend. But man, wasn't she reserved. It took me ages to make her come out of the shell, but by the end of the year, we where pretty thick friends.
After our BSc, we kept in touch through phone for some time, and then she moved from her home to hostel for her MSc, and I went to hostel for my MCA. Mobiles where not so popular, and she didn’t had a mobile at that time, so, i was unable to keep in touch with her for some time. After few months, when she finally managed to get a land line number to contact her, she gave me the number and we kept in touch but soon, she finished her course, and went to some other place for higher studies and I shifted to Bangalore, and we both lost the contacts.
After long time, through some of my friends i came to know that she got married and became a mother, but i was unable to find her mobile number.
So, it took me completely by surprise when i got her call last Friday night. She traced my mobile number through some of our common friends and called me - and it didn’t even take one minute for us to go back to our old frequency.
Lot of water have gone under the bridge after we spoke to each other last, but, we realized that nothing have actually changed for us. It is the best Christmas gift I got - the joy and warmth of friendship.


gin said...

I just loved it when my mother told me that I got a letter from one of my BSc Classmates ! I got so excited and asked them to post to Hyderabad ! And after reading that I managed to get her number and called.

So beautiful this thing called "friendship" !!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Thats lovely! true friendship:)

Lena said...

What can be a better gift for Christmas :)
Really happy to hear that friendship survived through time and distance :)

Madhavi said...

Wow... :) lovely post ur title says it all,loved it.. :) btw check out my 1st post of d blog..on friendship herez the link to it..
cheers,madz :)

Shruti said...

nothing like being surrounded by some wonderful friends.. and nothing so bad as losing one

Sameera said...

Nothing like getting back with old friends,one can pick up right where they left the last time!

Nice blog you have here :)

Meenu said...

I WOULD SAY THIS WAS THE BEST GIFT FOR THIS YEAR ! I can really understand how it is when you get to talk to a long lost friend !
take care

Meenu said...

I WOULD SAY THIS WAS THE BEST GIFT FOR THIS YEAR ! I can really understand how it is when you get to talk to a long lost friend !
take care

Pointblank said...

awww! tatz so sweet!

--xh-- said...

@gin: comrade, thatz the beauty of friendship :)
@shalini: true :)
@lena: cant say how much happy i we mail/call almost every day and keep in touch...
@maddy: :P still to dig out that entry....thank u 4 leaving the link - will dig it up for sure
@Shru: welcome to my place. there is nothing like when you r with frndz
@sameera: welome, sameera. thnx 4 da kind words...
@meenu:yeah - it is the best gift ever :)
@pointblank: :)

Mocha said...

I know this feeling. i meet with my best friend for 7 years after 10 years last july. The meeting was short and censored my MIL & SIL was there but it was great. But then we lost touch again. i just send Vijay a scrap now.