Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Bike I would love to have...

The Bike I want -
500cc -750cc, twin, with around 70-80 bhp on tap. Preferably a dualsport, or a sport tourer.

Why do i want -
Can take it where ever I want, and can cruise @ 150 easily, with occasional visits to 200 kmph region.

Things I need on the Bike -
HID,dc electricals, points for attaching luggage rack/bungee chords,good horns, good quality tyres.

My Budget -
2.5 to 3 laks.

Mode of payment -
Part down payment, Part finance.

Service -
Would be great if it is a DIY bike like Royal Enfield, but you cannot have the cake and eat it too. Good availability of spares, and knowledgeable mechas who dont insist to change every thing to fix the problem. Basically, some one who analyses and sorts out the problem than someone who just change the whole part fix a small problem. (When the bolt which holds the chain cover came off, the authorized Honda workshop asked me to change the whole swing arm instead of just welding the bolt back. That was the last time I visited the place for my bike)

Current wish -
A dual sport version of Honda CBF150 for 75-80K INR


Meghna said...

Hi Anoop,
You are such a bike freak! I'm not so much into bikes so I'm sorry I didn't get much of your post. Hope u get the bike you wish for pretty soon!

Anonymous said...

I guess my old 750 triple two stroke Kawasaki wouldn't do...:):) or my old Ducati 250 single... funny I was looking at pictures of them from my ilspent youth before I checked your blog...

--xh-- said...

@meghz - U bet :) bike freak is not a word enogh to refer me :-DDD
@Rodert - Wow - a Kwaker speet tripple 2 Stroker :-D that sure would be fun. I have tried Yamaha RD350 and that is teh biggest 2STroker i have ever tried. You still keep any bikes?

Aarthi said...

Do you watch tamil movies? If s then see "polladhavan"...1st half is for bike freaks...nice one..:)

--xh-- said...

@ aarthi: i usually dont watch movies, but will try to watch polladhavan :)

Rimona said...

Keep up the good work.