Monday, December 3, 2007

to keep me company during my rides...

After lot of dilly dallying, yesterday I went to SP road and blew up some dough to get a MP3 player.
I got a shiny, small black Creative Zen Stone Plus - 2GB, with a 9.5hr battery backup.

It is small, and easy to use. No hassles like iPOD (if it was not for the iTune thingy, i would have picked up an iPOD long time back). I was looking for something small, which can give me company during my long rides, and is easy to operate. This comes in a small black package is an additional bonus.
I hereby christen her Pearl. (Shayad a bit too much girile, eh? )


Love said...

congrats on your new toy *GRR! looks with envy*

do they come with bigger capacity also? i'm looking for something that is 8gb or bigger and ofcourse CHEAP! :D

do lemme know if you know of something

anonme said...

i have a very very very horrible penchant for gadgets!
and u go n get such a cute BLACK mp3 player??? :O
and wats worst? u hav to rub it in?? :x

all the above mean its really nice!
Pearl aint girlie.. its cute!! :P

--xh-- said...

@anonme - am not a gadget freak, but have a decent arrey of them. want to know more ;P

Aarthi said...

Pearl....cute one...both the name and the look...:)

--xh-- said...

@ aarthi: thnx :) shez a gem. back up is good too.