Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend rant (warning - long boring post)

I was getting ready to finish my work early and have a nice Friday night out when my PM sneaked on me and asked with all the sweetness he can muster 'aNoop, you have to stay back today a little bit late'.
Oh, fu*k - little bit means i cannot leave before 9.00. but as luck may have it, one of the juniors screwed up the code big time and when we set all the things straight and at last i switched off my work station it was almost 11.00 - i was damn hungry and furious - furious coz i missed a nice Friday night, and now i don’t even get food anywhere. Took Jeevs from the basement parking and ripped him all the way to old madras road.
After a bit of cool air, my head was cool, and i was thinking of my options of getting some chow (other than cooking - i really don’t relish cooking a dinner after reaching home by 11.30 pm). Just to try my luck, i stopped my bike at Infinity techpark - they have some eateries and stores inside the park, and some of them where still open.
Decided to check out Indijoe Resto Pub - and had a perfectly done Jack Daniels steak and some lemonade - and that changed my mood big time. Who ever said that the way to a means heart is through food has got some wits.

A haircut was long overdue, so, Saturday morning i went to Star and Sitara to get my hair fixed - one of the guys there - Ravi - is wizz with his hands, so I spend almost 2 hours and he made me almost presentable (yeah, we guys can also sit and get fixed - it is only that usually we don’t admit it in public) and then I went to meet my friend Vikrant and his newlywed wifi Amrutha. Vicks spent some time looking around for a girl and at last, he found a real nice match. We had a nice Lunch at ChilliPepper and after a long afternoon, I ended up at JNC Coffeday to meet my biking buddies. Most of them are making big plans for riding out during the coming holidays - and i will be at b'lore. After the meet and a nice spot of dinner at CasaPicola with LJ and his wifi Tana (a very sweet duo, i want to add), I came home and crashed.

Sunday I woke up late - by 7.00 and fixed a simple breakfast - strong coffee, dosa and sambar and after lazing around, went to my friend Shivaram’s pad. Made lunch there and read some books, spent almost all the afternoon and then went to attend a wine tasting session at Chancery Pavilion hotel. It was organized by Taste and Travel, and man, it was fantastic - we got to taste some of the best wines from Sula, along with superb food.

all in all, a hectic, but smashing superb weekend. and oh, did i tell you about the phone call? Friday night, after i reached home, i received a call from Sophia - one of the most important persons in my life. I was dying to get her call, and we talked for almost 1 hour. That realy really made my day. Well, hold on, not just day, it made my whole month.


★●Shadow Stalker●★ said...

Hey, are you a photographer?


Thanks for visiting my blog, mate. :)

--xh-- said...

@sam: i am just an ameture :-) likes to click.

Love said...

XHbhai! nice writeup... so the weekend was not as bad as you thought it would be! :p

BTW, i met up with Doc Rawal on sunday evening for dinner... was fun!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Glad you had a pakcked and fun filled weekend and that very importnat call which made your month :D

My weekend was ok.. my home is in one messy condition as its being re painted.. So was busy with all that work..

Anonymous said...


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