Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mid week blues

Today is Wednesday - two more days to go for weekend. I have read at many places about Monday morning blues. But strangely, i never felt Monday morning blues. To say the truth, I always look forward for Monday mornings after the weekend.

But come Wednesday, and I do feel blue - thinking that i need to managed two more days before weekend. But, to look at the brighter side - it is just two more days. :-)
It is already New Year - people and places are already putting up decorations to welcome the new year and Christmas - and I am yet to finalize my plans. I and my cousin planned to visit some relatives this weekend, but today when i called him, he is taking bed rest - slip disk. what a rotten way to spoil a weekend.

Few days back I got a mail from HungryBangalore saying that they have selected me as the reviewer of the month. Today I got their news letter. You can read the news letter here. I am waiting for their gift - hope they send me a lunch/dinner voucher:-D
You can read the review here.

Last weekend I was out of town - I went to Kerala. Itz been almost 2 months since I visited my home, and my bullet. I was planning to fix the switch gear of Bullet Electra on her (mine is a STD 350) but it didn’t work out. I took her out for some small rides - I didn’t get time for long rides this time.
And oh, I lost 7.5 kgs of weight in last one month :-D With all the eating out I do, this is sure an achivement ;-)


Kuttibalu said...

One who can cook better only can give such a comment. Nice review. Dude visit Hyderabad for the best Hyderabadi Biriyani.
Way cool man you lost 7.5kgs in one month. I'm struggling for 2kgs :( Good luck for the New Year Plan.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Congrats on you winning! Hope you get a lovely gift :)

Ps said...

Hey there--congrats!!
So finally learnt your name (Anoop--am I right?)
And was pleasanly surprised to know 'home' is Kerala.
I miss Banaglore like crazy! Used to get biriyani from HBH.(They used to pack it in that mud pot sealed with dough--dont know if they still do)

--xh-- said...

@kuttibalu: thnx for the compliments, dude. Riding to hydrabad is one thing i want to do soon.
@shalini: thnx da. yeah, me too waiting for da gift :)
@preeti: oops - i thought you know my name :) yup, itz aNoop. home is where your heart is ;-) whn you come to b'lore next time, i will treat you at HBH :-D

Love said...

so mister wonderful palate who also is a great reviewer! too many 'bragging rights' eh? :)

well, congrats buddy... don't understand how did you manage to lose 7.5kilos tho... i'm on a crazy diet and workout regime but still cant manage to shake off a few grams :( :p

--xh-- said...

@LJ: will let you know the secret over a nish dinner @ RoadTrip - only if you pick up the tab ;)

Ps said...

I shall take you up on that offer!!!I mean it as I do come to Banaglore!!

Lena said...

congratuation! :)
waiting for the gift is exciting, nah? :P

★●Shadow Stalker●★ said...

Firstly, congrats on your achievement, do tell me what prize you get. Secondly, as you've mentioned, I also lost 10 Kgs in my first year in Bangalore, though I have managed to put on some now.

Maybe we could meet someday as we both are residents of the Electronic City, what say?


Aarthi said...

Losing 7.5 kgs...OMG..in...? I rem my sis losing 9 kgs in 5 months...simple coz she's away from home.

--xh-- said...

@ aarthi: he he :) i wont lose it like that coz even if i am away from home, i dont compromise in eating :)

--xh-- said...

@preeti: sure. my mail id is there @ my profile. b4 you come, just drop a line.
@leba: yeah, itz sure exciting :)
@shadow stalker: welcome to my blog, mate. yeah, we can sure meet. it would be fun.

dheep said...

7.5 kgs in one month..........hmmm.. maybe i cud use some help..!!

and hmmm.. i have heard of " mid week movie update, mid week crisis, mid week what not... but not mid week blues.. Is that what people mean by "food for thought"? or your creative mind just got to act truly smart!