Thursday, January 17, 2008

Whatz happening?

Itz been around one week since i read any of your blogs - one week of no blog
reading, no commenting, no new blogs, no reply to comments on my blog and worst
- no mails and call backs to my friends - whatz up with me?

Nothing. it is just that i am going through a frenzied activity period at my
company - which leaves me energy drained by the time i call it day so when i
reach home, what i do is just cook a meal, read some pages and sleep. no
energy left to boot my pc and read blogs. at office, no free time to take a
sneak peak into the blog world.
Please bear with me friends - gimme two more
weeks and i hope i will be back to the earlier stage :-)

Other than this, last week i got myself a new life guard - an AVG Pacific in
black color.
I am leaving to my home - Kerala - today afternoon, and plan to be
back by Wednesday morning. There is a around 300 km bike trip on cards - Itz
been long time since i have gone for a trip, so, I am crossing my fingers for
this Sunday.
I will be back with pics and ride log if that ride happens. And
what more – I will be riding a immaculately kept old 500CC Enfield all the way.

btw, i have got lods fo shover of love from many fellow bloggers - thanx for all teh awards - it really made my day. i am really sorry that i cannot post them now - but when i am back, i will take them up and post. a HUGE hug to all you...

chalo friends, now time for me to get back to more keyboard bashing. Need to
catch da train by afternoon. I will be back (terminator istyale ;) )


Kuttibalu said...

Have a Safe & an Enjoyable the drive :) Hasta la vista Babbeee.

Love said...

come back soon and in one piece! i need to hijack you and take you to SP road for the promised desktop thingies buying and *ass*embling... since you put your foot in mouth by promising to join in this venture i'm gonna drag you into it all the way!!!! :D

kidding bro, have loads of fun and hope you get to unwind and get back in a better state than what i saw you last

Pointblank said...

oh! u also from kerala, eh? kie.. haffun!

Lena said...

have a happy trip, and be careful as well!!
looking forward to pics from your home :)
and to your new posts as well !!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

whoaa, bloggin abeyance everywhere eh?

sheesh. especially sacrificin it for work? sheesh :P
jk. lol.

come back soon & lol happy drivin now ;)

c e e d y said...

enjoy the RIDE....see ya soon in bloogieland :)

priya said...

No problem Xh. Sometimes we all hibernate and comeback soon. Enjoy ur trip and have a safe one.

Red Phoenix said...

Enfield sounds great.. Have fun

Confounded-Lady said...

Have fun in that road trip of yours:)

Coconut Chutney said...

Haha, have fun and be good! Will be expecting lotss of pictures!!

vagabond dreamer said...

have a nice trip ... seeing that its already tuesday i hope the return trip is safe too and have lotsa fun

Mitesh said...

Hey Anoop,
Miss you! Hope you be back soon. Happy journey! Didn't know your hometown was Kerala. Nice place!

Meghna said...

Hey sorry, That mitesh was me, Meghna...used my brothers account! :(

Thinking aloud said...

looks like ure back..hope u had a good holiday!!!

--xh-- said...

@KB: thnx machu, the trip was fantastic.
@lj: me back bro.. any time, ready to go to SP road :)
@PB: yup. u too?
@lena: yet to upload teh pics, will do it soon :)
@Busy write: he he, sometimes..
@ceedy: enjoyed the rides.. ;)
@priya: thnx da
@red Phoenix: yup, bullet is great... welcome to my blog :)
@confonded lady: thnx :)
@coconut chutny: hehe.. photos.. will upload soon...
@Vagabond: yeah, trip was safe.. let us catch up some day :)
@meghz/mitesh: he he, itz ok da meghz.
@thinking aloud: yup, back now :)