Monday, January 28, 2008

outdoors calling....

Itz been long time since we - me and Jeevs - went out for a ride. Those who know me will know that ride is something i need to sustain my brain in a somewhat sane level. Nothing freshens up me like a ride when I need some clarity of thought or when my spirits needs a pick me up or when i need to take a break.

I was determined to ride out this Saturday - there was no particular destination, but just an urge to ride, and then Friday night, my friend Praveen called me from out of the blue with a excellent plan - a small ride to a nearby dam reservoir and a full day of angling with some of his buddies.

I took the bait without even blinking, and Saturday morning i found me sitting in Praveen’s bedroom, arranging the backpacks and tackle for the days trip. Before 8 we rolled from his home, and Jeevs was all eager to attack any deserted patch of tarmac which we came across. But the fun didn’t really start until we took the turn from state highway - suddenly we found ourselves on a single lane winding country road. I was as happy as i could be - nice early morning breeze and a country road snaking through villages - I almost screamed 'country roads take me home' on top of my voice.
En-route Binu and Prakash caught up with us, and we stopped at Ramohalli for some snacks and to tank up our supplies. From there, the road soon became a trail and i was happy taking Jeevs through the loose gravel and dirt. Suddenly, after a turn, out of nowhere, this view greeted us.

By the time me and Praveen came back after obtaining the necessary permits for angling, Binu and Prakash did the ground baiting and was ready with their tackles and hand lines. Man, these guys are really into angling, and know their stuff really well. we spend a whole day out in the wilderness, and i did some pretty good trail riding - even did some water crossing and mud slinging and by 4.30, we called it a day and came back to Bangalore. Spend the rest of the day with my friends - nothing beats it when you are with your friends - and retired to bed by 11, after a superb outdoor day.
Some more pics from the trip:

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Love said...

bhai, thoda bahut 'angling' koi city mall me kar ko... shayad ek GF mil jaaye :p

nicely written and i'm glad that you are glad for the ride after such a long time!!!

Prats said...

Wow!!! this looks like a lovely place....where is it?

And yeah a day of fun with friends...nothing compares.
And you should have sung your guts out to "country roads" :)

Anonymous said...

I m verr sure.. u diid photoshopping.. dint you?
no no!! how can you get so blue-ed river [reservoir??] and so gree-ed landscape??

u did u did.. i m verr sure..

stop pretending you are really good ;P

This time around the "blues" caught my eyes ;)

me ardent fan of blue-ed type colour.. ;)

mm!! I m jealous :)

Leena said...

Oh, I love those photos! The blue skies made me miss summer in this grey and cold Finland. We haven't even snow!!!