Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A quickie blog

New Year was fantastic - took four days off from my work, and spend time with one of my best friend - a fellow blogger - Gineesh. Will blog about it soon
Posting a pic of what happened when we both just went to 'see' the Strand book festival.

(just want to do a post now, but lot of backlog to clear at work. so this quickie)


priya said...

Not bad unless its a good deal.

ck2 said...

books, books and more books.... boy you are a big reader !!

--xh-- said...

@priya: yeah, it was a good deal.
@CK: :)

Gin said...

This is what happens if we go to "see" the book festival. If we plan to buy?

Gin said...

Btw, you had given me much encouragement.. normally i go with people who say : How much are you pouring on books man, Hey another book, oops !! etc etc !!