Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A different meme

I took this from prats page. This is a meme, but a little bit serious and different. There are 10 points, and you are supposed to elaborate on each point. Here goes my interpretation.

1) It is important to be liked by others :Hmm...no. Nope, it is not important to be liked by others:
it is more important to be liked by yourself and be happy adn content. People can please some people for most of the time, most people for some of the time, but no one can please all the people for all the time. So, don’t give a damn about what others think - do what you want to do, and live your life exactly in the way you want to live. After all, it is your life. Be true to yourself, and don’t try to alter yourself so that people will like you.

2) Obedience is a virtue:
Really? Who says? Not me. Stand up, question. Say what you feel like. Unquestioned obedience is mark of a coward, I say. If you see injustice, or if you feel that you are being treated wrongly, stand up and question. Question the person, question the system, but never let it go in silence.

3) People are not malicious but they become so because of bad experiences or
People are good. Some are less good than some others. No one is definitely bad. Different people may react in different ways to certain situations, which I believe, is the outcome of the circumstances of their life. There is good in each and every human being. In some, it is deep buried.

4) Education broadens our view and makes people more humane:
Well, education is supposed to do so, but I can’t say with confidence that it is achieved. I have seen people who have become proud coz they belong to some elite institute or coz they did some amazing course, but on the other hand, I have come across down to earth people who have been studied in some of the most premier institutes. So, it is down to personal values. Education is a spring. Some people drink to quench their thirst, some just washes their face, some
just takes a zip and some, muddles the water...

5) People who have no money troubles are happier:
Well, the guy who told this sure knows where to shop for happiness. Money troubles are only a small part of troubles. Having no money troubles doesn’t guarantee a peaceful life. Money is not even a big thing in life. It is just a tool to achieve things.

6) As people get older they get wiser:
It depends. For some guys, wisdom comes at an early age, but for some, it never comes. Wisdom is not linked with age, but with experiences one go through and circumstances one have to endure. So, nope, people mat not necessary get wiser as they become old. But yeah, they can become more senile as they become old ;-)

7) You can live on love and fresh air:
Love and fresh air - well, then how will I ride my bike? Love and fresh air makes a beautiful, pristine world, but you need some more ingredients to live life. If you have got air to breath and only love to eat, life will become monotonous. Nightingale sings very well, but if it was only nightingale who sings in jungle, then the charm of jungle would have been long lost.

8) There is a celestial guardian angel looking after each one of us:
As Calvin says - there out to be some one out there to get me. On a serious note - yeah, i do believe that. Some power - some people call it GOD, some call it fate and some chose to ignore it - but some power is there which look after us.

9) All living beings reincarnate.
I don’t believe in this. The concept of re-incarnation is something I don’t believe. So, I leave it there. I don’t want to comment on something which I don’t know.

10) Heaven and Hell are places you go to after death.
Heaven and hell are places you create while you are alive. There is a saying in Malayalam, which roughly translates to 'Itz we who builds heaven and hell for us'. If we are happy and content, life is a heaven for us, but if we are not, we live in hell. Every man is responsible for his deeds. In the same way, every man is responsible to decide whether he should live in heaven or hell.

Ps: wherever i have used Guy/Man etc, they stands for both guys and gals. No
view expressed is gender specific.

Thank you prats, for providing me something to rant on.
I tag Shalini, kuttibalu,Ceedy,LJ, Shanu, Meghz, Lena and Priya. I would really appreciate to read your responses.


Confounded-Lady said...
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Confounded-Lady said...

IdeallY, I would have stolen this tag and tried it mslef but I could listen to myself talk while I read the questions. (except for point 2 where I think that its important to just have faith on a few things/people without questioning)

Liked your answers :)

Love said...

good going bro! now i'll have to fuse a few brain cells and come up with my answers :D

Coconut Chutney said...

I loved the Guardian Angel bit. Some one really is out to get us.

c e e d y said...

cool dude - got your message - will read/respond/do the tag in couple of day....rt now sitting on a burner...@ work

Prats said...

Wow!!! seems like our minds run in the same direction. I liked the way you've got a line to say **There is good in each and every human being. In some, it is deep buried

So true and so real....we always see a person from our point of view. He might be good, but if our mind is registering him as bad, he becomes bad...

This meme really gets to you doesn't it...something that we think ona daily routine , but never did voice it out in words...

priya said...

I believe in angels:)

Jo Samarthi said...

Birds of a feather flock together! if i had taken this one up, i would have pretty much said the same thing! You still want me to answer the questions? I dont think i would come up with anything different, except for the angel thingy..i'm prolly turning out to be agnostic :D

Anonymous said...

Very nice.. But well, I should say I have had a lot from your blog today.. I will come back to comment tomorrow :)

No silly me! why? I will comment today.

My thinking on all the 10 points are same.. but I do believe in re-incarnation! I am sure I was a black devil when I was last born.. and I was really intelligent then..

or else I won't be so dumb in this one :)

blow!! I am sorry I was supposed to be serious here :)

Really nicely executed.. You did a great job.. I have read this before but the 2 people who did it [ you incl] have lot age diffr .. but you know the theme and the thoughts are almost the same .. and match mine too :)

have a nice day!!

take good care lonewolf :p

Lena said...

thanks for tagging me.. i would love to do this one, is really thought-provoking :)

and i loved this "Heaven and hell are places you create while you are alive" - thats so much true and wonderfully expressed.

Thinking aloud said...

very well said...i like the line about goodness buried deep in certain people...but sometimes seeing the crimes in this world , it is hard to believe...:(...

--xh-- said...

@confounded-lady: please go ahead and do thsi tag. Faith and obidience iare two different things. I agree on the fait part, but having faith on someone/something is not excatly same as obeying something/someone blndly. :)

@LJ: do it, bro.

@Coconut Chutney: he he - thazt calvin for you.

@Ceedy: :) me too on a burner for last few weeks - was badly looking for something to rant on and got this meme. so took a amll break from wrk and did this :)

@Prats: yup - it really got my juices running. that too especially after a long dry spell. thnx for sparking the idea :)

@priya: yeah, I exist. LOL ;-D

@Jo: he he. yeah, me still want to read it. do it da.

@Veens: he he, u r most welcome. and balck devil in last birth - so, u r saying that u r not a black devil now.. :P hm.. hard to belive.. ;) nad hey - no one is supposed to be anything - u read it, interpret in your way, and comment in your way. :)

@lena: would love to read your outlook, dear.

@thinking aloud: yeah.. but still, i belive they too have some goodness left in their mind - deep buried...

Thinking aloud said...

I so agree that it is important to be liked by yourself first...

You really need to put on your thinking cap for this...and you've done a great job with it...

oormila vijayakrishnan said...

Nice Osho, nice! I really enjoyed this one. No big gyaan, no sermons, just plain and simple musings. My bro and I talk about topics like this ( we have very weird ways of doing it, believe me which I want to bring out in my strips in the future, hopefully...). Delightful post... :-)