Wednesday, February 13, 2008

wish list

my wish list of books: Plan to get them when i go for book shopping next time.
Snow - Orhan pamuk
Black Borders - Sadat Hasan Manto
Please pour in your suggetions. would love to get more books. Any one read JaJasper Fforde? Plan to get one from his 'Thursday Next ' seris too.


иidhi S said...


so you read these kinda books...

well i have read 'Sadat Hasan Manto'

his story 'Toba tek Singh' - i really luv it, its very touching and clearly portrays the plight of common man post the partition - and the best remains the last image of - No man's land.

i really like reading the writer's of that era. good to see people are interested in such works.

--xh-- said...

@nidhi: well, i read almsot all kind of books except mushy/romance novela, daniel steel and sydny sheldon... :)

иidhi S said...

well i do read all types and read romance too but yeah totally avoid sidney sheldon and daniel steel same case here... :D

Smriti Srivastava said...

Get THE BOOK THIEF by MARKUS ZUSAK if you don't already have it. Its a great read... I liked it though... just done with it...will post its review soon on my book review blog..

I recommend you buy it. :)

preetilata said...

hmmm..someone is busy reading books thz days. good. yes i hv rd Sadat Hasan Manto's Toba Tek Singh and some other stories.

as of now i will recommend u Ismat Chugtai and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

TC :)

preetilata said...

O Henry is one of my favourite writters. hope u have read his short stories. if u hvnt then it's a must.

tc :)

singlewheatfemale said...

interesting choice of reads maan...
but the only "heavy" book i have ever read was God of small Things by Roy.
but ur blog is a good list of "must-read-in-near-future" :D

hope to c more of ur writings here...

--xh-- said...

@Nidhi: he he
@smriti well, will get 'the book thief' havnt read it. thnx for teh recco, da.
(btw, why The Kimppa Land and other mortals... is not updated for long time? waiting to read more stuff there.. :) )
@preetilata: well, whatever may happen, i find time to read almost every day :) love books by Marquez :P will get books by Ismat Chugtai. thnx for the names, yaar. and yeah, O henry is also one of my favourites :)
@singlewheatfemale: welcome to my pages. i kind of read anything - from fiction (grisham/higgins/king/clancy likes to dawkins/capra/hawkins likes. :) do drop in often..