Friday, February 15, 2008

MBI 2008 Riders Choice Awards

MBI is ready with the list for this years choices for '2008 Riders Choice Awards'. As a member, I have alredy voted. Click here an ddo your bit. Lets say our choice.


Akash said...

I didnt know that you guys had a group called MBI.
Take care

Vinesh said...

am not a bike person, but sounds like you guys are having fun :-)

Anonymous said...

can i vote 4 u ;-]

thats the only Guy I know! ;)

singlewheatfemale said...

ooooh... MBI sounds very..... bondish :P
thanks for dropping by my blog...:)

(note to self) will watch out this space for info on MBI

Pointblank said...

dont know much bout bikes. but then I like bikers ;).. with reg to ur prev post - its nice to know tat bros bond too!

--xh-- said...

@akash: :)MBI is an international group, and a very prominent one.
@Vinesh: :) yup.. fun is alwys a BIG part of biking
@Veenz: ;)
@swf: :)
@pb: :) yah - me and he r partnes in crime ;)