Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Silence of Rain

The rain I know when I was a kid, is different from the rains at Bangalore. The rain here sounds harsh - the sound of rain falling on roof tops, the sound of rain lashing on windows of high rise buildings - this sounds nothing like the rain I have grown up with, or I have fallen in love with - but still, I love this rain too.

Rain has a life of its own - calm and wild at the same time, serene and harsh at the same time - I think it is the duality of its nature which makes it more interesting.

Have you ever tried to listen to the silence of rain? No, you can’t try it in a city - when you sit inside your car with rain drops falling on the roof of your car, which is stuck in the traffic jam for last one hour, listening to the silence of rain will be the last thing in your mind, usually.

Get out and go to an open field, or to a hill, or to a river side - the whole picture changes.
The moments when you are alone, with rain playing the harmony for your company - moments like that are best to listen to the rain and enjoy the silence of rain.
There is silence behind every sound. Listen to the rain - the sound it makes when the drop falls on the leaves, on the ground, on the water puddle - listen to the sound of the wind - take all in, and concentrate. Filter out everything around you, and listen only to the sound of rain drops falling around you - enveloping you in a soundscape of its own - and reach for it - grab it and wrap it around you - and when you are fully immersed in it, the silence behind the sound will draw you in - the silence that allows the rain to sing.

PS: this post was triggered by this song


Juby George said...

rain is always beautiful in any form... silent or noisy.... depends on the way we take it... depend on human emotions...
I love the night rains... just listen to it when the whole world sleeps....

Manasa said...

I like monsoon. n the smell of the mud :)

Lovely song!

Aarthi said...

The mere thought of enjoying a silent rain.. OmG.. Thanks for sharing this with us :)