Sunday, November 28, 2010

Confession (?)

D'vali-2010, originally uploaded by -xh- aka aNoop.

It is a strange feeling when you come back to your blog and realize that the place which meant so much in the past is now like a ghost town... I walk through the by lanes, looking at the dusty store fronts and musky glass panes, the discolored walls and peeling pains.. and I feel sad...and a twinge of pain, some where in my heart. my dear blog, I do miss you. I do.


Love said...

and teh readers miss it too!

BTW, you have gone completely underground mate? no news from your side, no emails, messages...

last evening we had a small G2G at CCD JNC with the BN guys and we did miss you there as well...

hope to see you soon!


rantravereflect/ jane said...

Well, plz do coem bak, i dusted teh cobwebs , n have coem bak :) feels good :D

Manasa said...

all bloggers in the same boat.

you're not alone :P

Tys on Ice said...

stop gushing and start posting!!

happy new year pal.