Monday, May 26, 2008

one more meme

Got tagged by sandhya a while back, and this is my take on the tag...
Ride: yes, I miss riding out... the way I see it, it will take me some more time (at least 1 more month) to be on road for some good rides
crush: long time, no crush and of late, no dates too.. man, whatz hapening to me :(
a juicy, tender beef steak: Any one game for Lazzio or tiffany for lunch?
college days: will that carefree days ever return?
My bro: would have nice if he was around :)
i think thatz it - cant think of anything i miss NOW... I am happy as the way life is :)

10 things i want to achieve within a decade:
( i did a meme earlier abt 50 thinsg I want to do - i am picking 10 from the list, in no particular order)
01. Ride to Leh on Bullet.
02. Self modify a Contessa to produce over 1000 bhp power and win drag races.
03. Learn professional photography.
04. Learn to bake.
05. Cook and server a moonlight dinner for my future wife .
06. Make my dad and mom feel like King and Queen.
07. Visit Utah Salt Flats.
08. Do bartending at a party.
09. Race with my future kids.
10. Make my children study without ever letting them know the pressure to perform and get high grades.
now it is my turn to tag, and I tag
(dude, itz time for u to update ur blog)

ps: my short trip to kerala was awsome.. thanks for all the wishes...


Preeti said...

U no tag me??? :(

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

aww, race with your future kids. awwww.. :)

Gayatri said...

no crush.. awww :P

rantravereflect said...

hey :)
i'm game for lunch man- cum down to chennai- will treat ya at barbeque nation/fisherman's fare/mystic masala/moonrakerz- jus lemme know when ya're down with 'the future wife'

:)allll ya guys- bhp, power, modifications, obsessions with contessas (vaaaat an old world charm)!!!

bartending- yeh, i think it'd be kickarse interesting to do sooooo :):):)

sooo be kickarse!
n keep achieving these things!!

rantravereflect said...

and as far as 05.Cook and serve a moonlight dinner for my future wife.

it shud have pt no. 07.
05(shud've been).seduce my wife on our first date. (i.e. ya wife of ur' first date;))
06. get married n take ya wife to utah flats for ya honeynoon:):):)

see how i add to ya list!!!!
geeeeee :)

Ps said...

Uh oh! No crush for long time!!Serious issue!
No.6 is what you want to achieve is so cute.
Pssst: feng-shui expert whispers its time to change your name from lone wolf to longing wolf to attract prospective crushes!! (heh heh--sorry--couldnt help making that rather silly joke) :-)

~nm said...

So a marriage, and kids - yes more than one within 10 years. Nice plan you go there! Hope you succeed there :)

Thanks for tagging me. Will do the tag soon!

Vanilla Vats said...


~ ॐ ~ said...

Aha !!!

just 10... lets read about 100 of them here :)

I am missing a lot of things in my life right now too... I guess I would just not think about them for a while... just getting restless about them a lot...

Joy said...

Race with kids ? Be prepared to lose :)

Suma said...

see, the title lone 'wolf' is keeping evryone away!!! ;)

hope ure to-do list gets done ....

u taged me? u making me serious on a holiday?!! i'll do it...soon

sonia said...


This is a dangerous meme for me to get involved with right now. I'll start bawling:) j/k:) Glad trip to Kerala was awesome. Hope to be there soon myself.

Meenu said...

:) hey cute one .. good u enjoyed ur stay at home ...
btw professional photography :) seems like similar tastes .. no wonder libran na ;)
and race with kids :D hmm great dad :D
and u wanna learn baking ? thats different :) good 4 ur wife :)

bartending -??? hey :)

take care ..
btw tag taken but now i didnt know u tagged so i had posted my scribbles :) so next post ll b ur tag::)
take care

Emaan said...

i love point no. 10
u wil be one cool dad :-)

Pavi!!!! said...

u love bikes . don't u! This post makes me miss bike rides!

n soooooo cute! u wanna race wit ur future kids :)

Anonymous said...

good blog :)

--xh-- said...

@preetz: my bad :)
@b_w: :) he he
@gayathri: sadly, true :(
@rantravereflect(rrr): will come down to chenni for sure... i do come there once in a while, so I may actually drop in for that lunch :P he he he. bhp, power,mods - what else cn u expect from a petrolhead like me :-D thnx for teh re-ordering. it makes more sense in the order u put down :)
@Ps: yeah, true :( name change.. hm.. (thinking deeply)
@Nm: thnx :)
@VV: :)
@prasanth: he he he, will give u link to my list of 50 :)
@joy: i will b a hapy dad if they defeat me :)
@suma: he he he... ok- an it whn u return to home base. witing to meet u one of these days...
@sonia: he he he...oh, coming dwn to kerala..great :)
@meenu: yeah, lot of libran common traits... :)waiting 4 ur post :)
@emaan: :) thnx thnx :)
@pavi: u bet... :) try hitch hike a ride there :) or come to blr...
@sam: thnx and welcome :)

Macadamia The Nut said...

Lol! You're one major softie me thinks :D

Anonymous said...

hey good tag n i wasnt tagged...

aneri_masi said...

all of yours are also very achievable! 20 yrs ka goals hota to you could add bike race with your kids to the list (and then start producing kids right away ;)

Prats said...

You crib about being single????!!!! awww....
Not to worry i'm sure the hitched , hook line and sinker tag will come up on one of ur posts soon....
who knows your LEH , Utah trips , might just be fruitful, ;)

great things you've taken up for the decade...I hope you achieve them sooner...

--xh-- said...

@McTNut: he he he... i DO have my own share of soft corners...
@ashu: and i thought ppl dont like to get tagged.. next time, time (evil glint in eyes)
@aner: he he he - to race with kids 10 yr is enuf :)
@prats: no way - i ain't cribbing abt being single.. crush is not relation.. and even whn i had crushes, I always maintained my single status.. I am not into relations, i am freelancing ;)

Sandhya said...

wah wah wah.. ride to leh?? hope someone hitchhikes u :P

Smokin Joe said...

Ekks.... tags... my least favored thing to read.. sorry for commenting.. ;-(

priya said...

No5 is soo romantic Xh. GL on that.