Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FireFox 3 Download Day

The first ever web browser I used was a Netscape, and from there browsers have grown a lot... Of all the things that happened to the web browsers, the most important (well, at least for me) was the launch of FireFox, a robust and secure browser. It didn’t take much time to take over the heart of netizens, and I believe a good percentage of you use FireFox to browse.
Now, the new version of FireFox is getting ready to hit the market, and they are doing a grassroots level campaign to set a Guinness Book World record of having most downloads on a day.

This blog is to pledge my support to Mozilla download day. If you have used and like the earlier versions of Mozilla, then give this new avatar a try. If you are still a Fox-Virgin, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pledge and download it on the big day and be a part of history.

Click on the button or any of the link to go to the page and pledge your support now. Click here to read the official blog. Go spread the word.

Download Day - English

Ps: If any of you out there would like to get a FREE CD of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, drop a mail to me. I am giving away FREE CDs (yes, you don’t even have to pay postage if you are inside India) to all those who want to try Ubuntu.


Curious said...

Brand Ambassador ya?

k10 said...

This is nice!!

I wanted to try Ubuntu for a long long really lonnnng i have the opportunity.

Will mail you the address..
And thanks:)

Preeti said...

Free? Why r u bein so nice anooo??? :P

hehe...iv got no plz enlighten me :D

Nirmal's Blog said...

hey i still use explorer....??

firefox is better...??

vagabond dreamer said...

nice. im already using Firefox 3 beta, and its nice got some nice features where it tries to anticipate what you need. but i will download it again for that

vagabond dreamer said...

oh and tag done

~ ॐ ~ said...

I like Firefox... but its slowing down my system lately... and I don't like it..

I need to clean it of the plugins !!!

I have used Ubuntu :) I loved it for the time i used it.. and now I have forgotten how to get back to that disc where it is installed... You just reminded me of getting back to it... what sharp and fast it was :) minus my foto editing bit though :(

send me the link for Ubuntu... I got the last free CD from the source itself... Will request again !!

rantravereflect said...

:)heard of firefox- but neva used it.. i'm an internet explorer user, maybe time for sumthin new! sooo technically retarded, that i refuse to move my butt outta there! newayz, will try it out for sure :)

as for teh free cd, :):) if it had been 'some other cd', i'd ve taken it from ya!;);) but installation cd, nahhhh ;);)

Anonymous said...

I pledge :)

Thank You for tellin me!!

Hail Fox on Fire!

we lov u :)

aneri_masi said...

humara bhi pakka vaada hai, hum download karenge :)

Pavi!!!! said...

have never used firefox...but shall try!

now r u gettin paid for this?? ;-)

Coconut Chutney said...

Forefox is the awesomest. thanks fo rthe link! :D

Vinita said...

i pledged :)

so did my client :D

--xh-- said...

@curious: always a Opensource enthusiast :)
@K10: welcome to my blog. drop a mail - the id is there in my profile... will be more than happy to mail you the CD
@preetz: itz opensource da...trying to do my itsy-bisty bit.
@nirmal's blog: thnx for visiting. sure, FFX is way too better than IE. if u hvnt used it till now, this is teh right time to start using it. Go and pledge, man :)
@shanu: yeah me too da. FFX3 beta rocks :) waiting fro the release...
@prasanth: FFX slowing dwn teh pc? mail me the details bro :) the link is right ther ein my blog - almost down in the right side pane, u can see a ubuntu logo - click on that :)
@RRR: he he he... thn itz time to make the switch... try FFX da, it really is awsome. if u need 'some other cd/dvd' drop a line - u never know what I have got ;-)
@veenzie: thnx da :) i know u r a fox lover :D
@aner: thnx ddear :)
@pavi: thn try it now.. being paid? no way. I love Open Source adn doing my small bit to help the movement :-D
@CC: yup - FFX is awsome :) dont forget to pledge :)
@vini: thnx a lot dear :)

Smokin Joe said...

Yup.. i pledged... great and thanks man.. FF3 should be cool..

And yeah.. i want the Ubuntu CD. Am getting a new laptop.. and thinking of putting an Ubuntu there. Gimme ur email I'd/phone number i'd get in touch with u!

ANd yeah.. thanks!

ceedy said...

I am still a FireFox happy with personal settings of IE with good you still suggest I loose my virginity?

--xh-- said...

@smokin joe: my mail id is ther ein my profile - ping me.. wil send u teh CD :)
@ceedy: bro, sure u will like it. FFX hv got more security features, and is more robust. give the FFX a try :) I do suggest u to lose ur virginity...

ceedy said...


thanks...since you are into IT let me ask...I use Zone Alarm 128 bit encryotion firewall...which is working fine for me for last two yrs...still do you think FFX will be better....

not questioning..trying to understand how it works

thanks in advance

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

I had firefox for like a day. It was working SO slow on my computer. So now I'm back to IE, downloaded the new version. :)

runaway kirik said...

Major open source enthusiast i see :)
id like an ubuntu cd too :D i had one lent it to a fren n lost it!

Anonymous said...

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gunj said...

oh die hard firefox fan han!cool!

ceedy said...

Youve been tagged!

Gayatri said...

will download the latest firefox asap. thanks for this post! =)

Emaan said...

oye.. that's so shweet of u..
i like u already...
will tell my dad to check out the link

Macadamia The Nut said...

Fee fie foe fun
I smell a geeky gentleman

Ps said...

Oh yes--I too pledged my support the moment I heard of it.

Keshi said...

r ya promoting it? ;-)

hey come ask God a qn in my blog. :)


Shalini Gowrisankar said...

I downloaded firfox lately and I'm liking it :)

--xh-- said...

@ceedy: drop me a mail bro - i will explain it to u over mails... :-D
@b_w: try the new version da... :)
@runway)kirk: u will get ur copy soon :)
@ashu: thnx for da invite da :)
@gunj: yeah yeah :)
@gayathri: go and pledge da... :) thnx
@emaan: :) thnx .. did ya go adn pledge? make ur dad pledge too :)
@MtN: first softie, then geeky gentleman.. now whatz next? :P LOL
@Ps: thnx :)
@kesi: coz I am an Open Source Enthusiast :)
@shalini: thnx.. please go adn pledge :)