Monday, March 24, 2008

Restaurant review - Kanua

I am a lazy guy generally, but if i set my heart on something, i don’t mind going that extra mile to get that. I have heard a lot about this place called Kanua, but have never gone there till last Saturday.
By noon I finished my work at office and called up my friend Jubi and said that we will go to Kanua. No particular reason - I just wanted to go there. Soon, we found ourselves eating the dust @ Sarjapur road, hunting for the place. The only thing I knew was the name of the place, so after some unsuccessful attempts, stopped at the nearest cafe and got the address from net - and ironically, the place was just two lanes from the cafe we stopped.

We reached the place, after wading through crater sized potholes and clouds of dust, and what welcomed us was an industrial warehouse. I really got confused for a moment, but then the watchman came to my help and told me that the restaurant is on the top floor.

The restaurant is on top floor of a three storied building and is sports an antique but spartan theme. The walls are only half height, so if you are lucky and you manage to get a side seat, cool fresh wind will keep you company.
We where really lucky that we got one of the most comfortable seats - and even before we tasted any of the food, we both liked the place - roomy, airy and not at all stuffed.

The menu is authentic mangalorian and they don’t use artificial colors and chemicals. You get to taste lot of old and authentic dishes here which are tough to find at most of the places and let me tell you - it is not at all easy to decide what to feast on.
We helped ourselves with Soorna Kachri (sliced yam fries, with tangy tamarind chutney dip) and I got an excellent glass of sugar cane juice - with hints of ginger and lime, it is undoubtly one of the best I have ever had - though I cannot say the same for the lime juice my friend picked up.
It was time to order the main course, and after much pondering over the menu, we settled for Soorna Paachi ( yam cubes in medium spice gravy) and Zalke Randhei (excellent seer fish in a semi thick gravy). Though the menu says Soorna Paachi is a 'mouth watering, eye watering' dish, we found it more moth watering than eye watering. When you order a main curry, you can choose from Rice, Panpole, Tava roti or a preperation of rice balls (sorry guys, i forgot the name - time to upgrade my RAM, i think) to compliment the curry.
Panpole is fluffy soft pancakes made of rice, and it was our unanimous choice. The curries arrived without much delay, and was a treat. The fish was fresh, with good texture and the yam curry was a treat on the taste buds. The portions are large, and we had difficult in finishing them and eventually ended up getting more than half of the yam curry parceled.

The place is a bit out of the way, and is a bit hard to find. The ambience is good and the seats ranges from good to excellent, depending on the place you get to sit. The food is excellent - the best mangalorian cuisine i have tasted in Bangalore - and the food makes up for more than the drive you have to take to reach the place. Must visit - if you like mangalorian cuisine. Will I visit the place again? I already visited the place again on Sunday with more friends, and they all enjoyed it. :-D

Near Wipro Headquarters
Sarjapur Road
PH: 65374471
(Advanced booking needed if you plan to catch up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday dinner)


Gazal said...

you should start a foodie blog mister !!!

i'm sure your new recommendation is as good as the previous ones !!!

Anonymous said...

r they paying u for this publicity :P

sounds Good!

Meenu said...

Hmm .. sounds hot ! :) eyewatering hmm ..
enjoy buddy !

Thinking aloud said...

hey i love the new look...u keep changing your templates and color schemes?

and that seems a lovely review...must try it when i come down they have more choices in vegetarian?

Ps said...

Very Nice review.
Soorna kachri had my moutn watering.I make 'soorna ukkari' often.(a dry preparation of yam) and I just love it.

Ps said...

I Miss being in Bangalore :-( :-(

abinash said...

Great da. So discovered yet another place and enlightened us with quality food. Good to know. Will try this week end. Good and detail review.

Cinderella. said...

Hey, this sounds totally welcoming...and like Veens said, you in a commision with then dude..??

Whats mangalorean cuisine like ?

PREETI said...

im gonna save this up for when i do gt to blore sometime! n therz this new place in chennai i went to as well over the weekend...will review it soon...a must visit! :)

Curious said...

Soundsyummy.. I have a very close mangi friend and her mom cooks yummy mangi food...! Incase my destiny takes me back to India and settles me thr.. I will chk this place out!

--xh-- said...

@Gazal: he he - i am a foodie and i blog, isn't that enuf? ;-D try it and let me know...
@veenz: nope... :P
@meenu: :)
@TA: was playing with colors and a header I made... They do have lot of choices for vegetarians.
@PS: yeah, you will Like the food. do try it whn you coem down...
@abhi: go and tell me how it was da.
@cinderella: no commision re. try out the place - itz not so far from madivala total (if thazt where you stay)Mangalore cusine is tastey... yummy fish adn veggies... and chicken too.
@preeti: waiting 4 ur review..

Lena said...

i bet everyone who has a chance to check up the place and quisine would do it after your review :)

Sasmi Sinh said...

Good food, good places everywhere!