Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I am taking this tag from Aneri, but I modified it a bit - i am listing words which comes to my mind when i hear the letter... so here goes my 24 carrot of wisdom :P
Get ready to get bored.
A - Automobiles... I am passionate about them,
B - BHP (break horse power) the more, the better :-D (no wonder I am a sucker for old Muscle cars... )
C - Cars. Do i need to explain?
D - Dusk and Dawn. love watching them...
E - Eat. A big time foodie here :-D
F - Ferrari. Food. Fire arms.
G - Gardening- I love it. Google.
H - Home. nothing like it.. :-)
I - Internet.
J - Job. Not exactly a workholic, but I love my job.
K - Kite. Love running Kites...
L - Lemonade. Lamborgini.
M - Michael Schumacher. The god of speed.
N - Nature. not a tree hugger, but a nature lover.
O - Off roads. Love trail riding.
P - Photoshop.
Q - Quick fix.
R - Royal Enfield. Romantic. Well, not really, but in a certain way.
S - Speed. Only @ deserted roads; not in traffic.
T - Torque. Tea.
U - Unicorn (not the mythical creature, but Jeevs, my Honda Unicorn)
V - Values. I have my own set of values I live by.
W - Wine.
X - Xenon head lights, X windows.
Y - You (you-know-who-you-are ;-) ), Yahoo.
Z - Zero


Prats said...

that was one set of good stuff.

liked this

**V - Values. I have my own set of values I live by.

So true..doesn't do well to live for any other thing

priya said...

I love kites too.

Anonymous said...

Somethings don't have a quick fix mister ;)

i like Zero, as many as possible after any other number other than zero! :))

you will have to chk out my way ;))

Joy said...

Hey nice write up. You know I have been racking my brains to finish the tag of 10 things I don't like about opp. sex. Even though I complain once in a while, for doing a post, my mind is complete blank. Hopefully, I should be able to do it. If you had tagged me 5 yrs back, I would have given you a laundry list....

Smriti Srivastava said...

Good post... I was thinking of taking this one up too...but then I remembered I still hadn't finished with that "10 things" stuff... That one is too hard for me :-/ like Kite Running or Kite Flying???

gunj said...

men are obvious n predictable :P

aneri_masi said...

Gaana yaad a raha hai...jab zero diya mere Bhaarat ne :)

Nice, short and to the point!

Solitaire said...

Nice one. Explain how enfield is romantic though..

PREETI said...

Food n google... :)

n lol@ Y fr you-know-who-you-are!

funny :)

--xh-- said...

@prats: :-)yup - a life without values is not simply worth living.
@priya: :) same here
@veenz: hm.. if ther eis no quick fix, therz alwys duct tape, V.
@joy: he he.. keep racking and come up with teh list... :)
@smriti: both...
@gunj: hein kya? thn tell me what all did yu predict in thsi post? just wait till you get them know in person, dear :-)we guys r not THAT easy to predict ;-D he he
@aner: LOL
@sol: well, i will need a whole and then anotehr half and more post to tell that :-D LOL

vagabond dreamer said...

nice interesting read makes me wonder . :P

Lena said...

good one! someone soooooo passionate about anything related to vehicles? :P

Gazal said...

Y is for ??


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

I certify thou as unique.

very very unique.

G and W did not have girls and women respectively.

;) :D :P

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...
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--xh-- said...

@shanu: wonder abt what??? ;-)
@lena: he he he.. sooo true :)
@gazal: ;-D
@busy_writer: ha ha ha... :)