Monday, October 22, 2007

M45 - My life saver

Few dayz back, i was in market for a new rear tyre for jeevs – the current MRF ZAPPER have done a commendable job, and though he have at least 7-8k worth life in him, i wanted to go for a new one coz he is old now.
I was asking around my friends and fellow riders, and Navnenndu of BN told me to go for Michelin M45 if I enjoy riding fast in rain. After some more asking around, i decided to get a M45 for Jeevs, and luckily stumbled upon Ashwin, who runs a priority dealership of Michelin.
He got me a M45 last tuesday, and from that day, rain Gods are giving me lot of chance to test the grip of M45. Earlier I used to stick to a maximum of 60 kmph while jeevs was running on Zapper, but now, i can push Jeevs to an easy 80kmph in wet roads.
The M45 grips road like a leech, and gives much confidence to go faster and faster.
Today i was returning to my home after visiting my friend kite – time was around 9.40, and it was raining heavily. I was happy cruising at 60 kmph, and suddenly an idiot came from a pocket road – bang into the middle of the main road, and I squeezed my brakes in a split second – and man, M45 didnt even budge; i am seriously impressed.
If Jeevs where on Zapper, I would have been in a hospital bed now, probably with a couple of broken bones.

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