Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Weekend

This weekend was a mixed bag of beans - time with friends, food, ride, trekking and a movie.

Saturday our MCA classmate Jomi came to Bangalore, so we five - me, jubi, jack, Phijo and jomi met at jacks place and spend the whole day lazing around.

By 7, i went to attend the weekly meet of Silver Bullets at Javacity.

Sunday early morning we seven guys went for a ride to Pearl valley - it was more of a trek than a ride. It is a small waterfall, but, it is really a crime to call it a waterfall.

But the place offers some good trek trail, and we explored some 3 hills around the area - a trek of around 6 km.

Sunday evening I watched the movie Bhool Bhulayya. It’s a good movie, if you haven’t watched the original Malayalam movie - Manichitratzau. If you have seen that, then this don’t exactly measure up.

Some snaps from yesterdays ride –

to see all the fotos - click here and here

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