Friday, July 31, 2009

playing with myEgo

dont be too hard on me - this is my first try on both 55wordfiction and haiku... :)

I will NOT share fame
I will NOT Compromise on any thing
I OWN the center stage

bikes gadgets food camera books
I learn I experiment and I love
DIY is my golden mantra

patience is not my virtue
I demand I get what I ask
I never bow my Ego

and here goes the 55wordfiction:

He was not sure how to break the ice. She looked polished, hot and too sure about herself.Resigned, he opened his laptop and started playing his favourite game. Suddenly he felt some one near his seat.she asked him "i love your Ego". He smiled and handed her his brand new Wipro Ego laptop


Meira said...

I'd say that too... E.Go does look A.W.E.S.O.M.E :D

Ria said...

the haiku was nice.

And lol for ur 55 fiction. :) Interesting and funny too!!

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

LOLLL!! @ the 55fiction..

but, whats a haiku??

Love said...


k.ø.c.h.ü said...

nice one :) machu !!

Prats said...

Did marriage turn you into a poet.???!!!! That was a nice attempt...and the fiction....great take on the Ego

usha said...

we've heard of marriage making poets out of people.. but haiku?! ;P

good ones.

Sangfroid said...

Read it already ... you know where!
Good going bro ;-)

lostmermaid said...

loved the 55 fiction !! and the haikus .. well they were full of your EGO !!! nice :)

Suma said...

oh my, oh my, marriage has brought out an interesting facet to the not so lone wolf :)

good attempt...i've not seen the wipro ego yet, though

--xh-- said...

@meria: :)
@ria: thnx :)
@harini: :) haiku is a kind of poetry.
@LJ: :)
@Kochu: :)
@prats: the streak was always there ;)
@usha: he he... :) danke danke...
@sangfroid: he he - i know :)
@lostmermaid: thnx.
@suma: thnx :)

Meenu said...

lol !

Interesting one 55wordfiction !!:)