Sunday, March 29, 2009


It is said that all is fair in war and love - and it is also said that love is blind. we all have our own reasons to fall in love, and though I love all the bikes, Royal Enfield bullet have a special place in my heart. 

If you look form a logical point of view, Bullet is not the most advanced bike you can get your hands on - well, the bike is anything but modern. The bike is heavy, leaks oil (well, most of the time), slow, drinks petrol like she have a drinking problem, and have a thousand and one other issues - but the bike still have a huge fan following, and for many, is not a bike, but a religion. Why? Well, it is very hard to explain the answer, but 'charm' is a word often associated with the answer.

No - this post is not an analysis about why Bullet still commands the heart of many of us - but just a testimony to the old world charm that the bullet is. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce 'Neela', my new 1970 model std 350. 

I returned RedEye to her home after more than one month of use, and i have to say that she got me impressed - big time. I took Jeevs out for a spin this Saturday and what is a better way to end his hibernation than some good old mud banging. there is this huge landfill, and we had some nice time, going up and down kicking the dust, doing some torque steer, basic jumps and all that - man, it was serious fun, and by the end of it, we looked like some one showered us with a ton of fine dust. But I tell you again - it was FUN :-D

My favorite movie series - Fast and Furious, is returning to theaters this weekend - the latest addition - Fast and Furious 4 will hit cinemas on 3rd, and I am waiting to catch the action. 
Vin disel, Paul walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster - they are re teaming, and I am sure the movie will not disappoint me.

I found this video while I was browsing, and man, the song and the video is awesome. 


SMRITI said...

Ahh completely understand the being in love part :)

Like Kimi isnt performing and I still love him for his "charm" :P

Niccceeee :)

Meghna said...'ll ur would-be think?

Bikes n u OMG!


Gazal said...

old is gold...

she's quite a looker !!!

~ ॐ ~ said...

Excellent !!!!

I am sure Neela rocks !!!

I miss the pictures of the "mud banging" :)

Ria said...

he he there goes another post on ur love for bikes. :P I dont understand anything of it!! ;)

Sangfroid said...

The charm of Bullet is eternal!

I thought you had rechristened Jeevs to Neela :-P

Suma said...

so that's how it is being surrounded by teh jeevs and neelas of the mechanical world! :))

and yes, old is truly gold, nah?

Lena said...

you are very true to your love, arent you? :)

Praveen said...

R for royallll
I dream of owning one of these in future:)

Preeti Shenoy said...

My dad used to be a big Bullet fan and used to own one of those. This post brought back memories.
Cheers an best wishes with your new love!;-)

--xh-- said...

@Smriti: yeah yeah :) but am sure he will bounce back this year...
@Meghz: :) haha.. yeah sis - Bikes all the way.
@G: yeah.. :)
@prasanth: it was too dusty to take out my cam again, bro :)
@Ria: :) you have understood the most importent part - 'Love' for bikes :)
@sangfroid: True - the charm is eternal :)
@suma: yup - she is really gold.
@lena: :) you bet...
@praveen: do it da - am sure u will love it.
@Ps: Happy that the post brought back the memories. My dad is also a Bullet lover :)

Adi Crazy said...

Aww I totally love Royal Enfield. Don't know about the technicalities, but it so rocks!

Swati said...

Men will be men !

ceedy said...

Love ke liye kuch bhi karega :)

Will catch the movie this weekend - tho got mixed reviews here!

Manasa said...

xh's first wife is Bullet :P OMG, hope your wife doesn't remove the seat off the bike someday seeing your love for bikes than her ;)