Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy times...

 I think at lest some if you may have wondered where did I go awol - the truth is, no where. I didn’t go any where (well, other than  a trip to Chennai and a hitchhiking trip to kerala) but I was feeling lazy to the bone...

I was blog hoping as usual and saw this tag at damsels page and then I read Ps's blog about writing down 5 things which makes you happy and I decided... this is the best way to break my lazy spell... so here it is - a partial list of things which makes me happy... (they r not in any particular order)

1. Rain- it makes me feel at ease...

2.My diaries..:)

3.the sea..

4. calvin and hobbes!!:), P.G.wodehouse, and archies!!!!

5.tom and jerry. 

6.Blogs of Tys and many more college and school

8. my friends 

9. the old greeting cards and gifts from college days

10. my collection of automobile magazines and posters

11. my books

12. cooking

13. babies

14. bird's nest

15. playing in the puddle

16. kite running

17. long solitary walks

18. cold.. the more cold it is, the more i love the weather. (I love the weatehr at Bangalore now)

19. times with my friends, the silly talks and all that...

20. Indian coffee house

21. Filter coffee

22. My toolkit

23. working on my bikes and car

24. Long rides on my bikes

25. Train journeys

26. travelling

27. star gazing


30. rainbows

31. busy getting lazy

32. NFS

33. listening to songs

34. working out 

35. trekking

36. ice creams

37. bobbanum moliyum, mayavi and kapeesh

38. Royal Enfield Bullet

39. airtel tune by ARR

40. making my friends smile

41. the 5 minutes sleep, just before I get up...

42. swimming and playing in water

the list goes on....

I would love to read the list of Gazal, Ps, Cess, Anamika, Kochu, Nikhil, Tys and Tia and of any one who would like to do this... 

Some snaps I took from the recent Chennai trip:

the journy starts...

free runner



on and on...


Cess said...

i love the number 40 :)
fially u re back with nice pics, i ll be in Chennai in March can t wait to see it :P
hope u re doing good, i ll do the tag at some stage :)

Anonymous said...

loooooooooong list !! but i suppose even my list will be endless .. i will try to pick y best 10 n write some day ... as for the pics, they are real good :)

Stay happy !!

Lena said...

ohhh... that was some long list!! it is beautiful when we remember that there are always these small things that make us happy :)

Monika said...

that was a long nice list :) and some good photos too :)

happy new year

Juby George said...

great pics

Pallavi said...

Good to read the list.. Love Calvin.. Have a great new year..

Gazal said...

an interesting list...

we share a lot in common(which ones..i leave you to guess)

will take up for sure.

Prax said...

amazing pics !

SMRITI said...

Good to see you back :)

We match on 4, 9, 11, 13 and 21.

Err... powercuts??? REALLY?? :O

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

Dai machu...nanum ividonnum illarunnu. Hmmm...tago...grrr...sammathikela

Pavi!!!! said...

Some items on ur list is wat they call the Simple Joys of Life ...i guess :)

Wish u a Very Bright n Joyful 2009!

Pavi!!!! said...

n hey u like cold..come to Vermont...The temp hasnt gone above 5 C for over a mth...its mostly been in the negatives n it will be until mar-apr... SIGH!

~ ॐ ~ said...

This post did bring a smile to my face !!!

and the pictures are beautiful !!!

--xh-- said...

@cess: thnx :) and waiting to catch up with you ahn u come here...
@Pratsie: :) do it re
@lena: yeah.. so true :)
@monika: :) thnx
@juby: thnx da
@pallavi: :) thnx..
@G: waiting to read your list...
@prax: :) thnx
@smriti: :) wow, tahzt nice.. 4,9,11,13 and 21 eh? :)
@kochu: da machu, neeyum oru list idadey...
@pavi: :) yeah.. and vermot - i would love to.. may be one day i will come :D
@prasanth bhai: thnx :)

gargy said...

hey.... good photographic sense. by d way what exactly is in the third pic....

Cuckoo said...

I wanted to comment on this post. Very soothing one. When I start doing tags, I'll pick it up. Let me see when it's turn comes, maybe aft a year. :P

Among photos, my pick is 2,3 & 4

damsel in distress said...

aha! my tag! more thing on my list-ppl doing my tag!!:)))

we do have a lot lot in common! and thankyou for reminding me of bobanum moliyum!! aiyyo,i love them! and knw wot? my dad and mom and me have just one interest in common-thats bobanum molliyum!! how did i forget that!

that reminds me..i do miss mrs nair tht used to come in vanitha-u knw that?? i wasnt a particular fan of it, but now wen i read vanitha(i read magazines starting from the back!)i kinda miss tht comic a lot!! the one now instead is noo good!!

btw- the name is roshny!:)

Manasa said...

Same pinch in many things :)

The Shmoo said...

This reminds me of the song "These are a few of my favorite things" ^_^

Very sweet post. Good to have you up and active again.