Sunday, July 20, 2008

I sat there

I sat there, on the boulder
Watching the life whiz past by
I saw the rising sky line of the city
And the standstill Ulsoor lake
I saw children playing gully cricket
I watched the yellow balloon up in the sky
And the madding rush of vehicles from MG road
The street Romeo on his loud two stroker
The business tycoon wafting in his Mercedes
The fearsome army trucks
The autos trudging away with heavy burden of weights
The gray overcast sky
The giggles of kids returning from school
I saw the dog and the lady rummaging through the garbage bin,
One for food and one scavenging used plastic
I saw the happy middle aged couple
Happy in each others company, oblivious to world around them
I sat there with no hurry,
Enjoying the breeze and watching the life whiz past by


Multi Menon said... piece...btw,y this lorry??jus bein curious.. :p you an Aaduthoma fan?? wats the lorry's name??Chekuththaan??? :p :)

Solitaire said...

Your post reminded me of the poem "Leisure".

Have you read it?

usha said...

:) nice!
the mention of ulsoor lake, always brings the image of the gurudwara there, to my mind.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Reading your poem actually gave me a very relaxed feeling.. Nice one :)

Ps said...

Hey!Now i am again missing bangalore--why do you send me on these nostalgia trips?!
Preeti (just a mother of two)

Preetz said...

the was a set of random observations...a result of surrounding-watchin! i luv doin that too u know...juz sit around and observe...the varied things around...iv written some of them down...i shud put them up sometime :)

Aayushi..^ said...

I agree with Solitaire.
The first thing that came to my mind after reading this was 'Leisure' as well!

nce one!

Joy said...

nice to catch up with life instead of hearing it whoosh by :)

Suma said...

nice one...xh...i loved it

*standstill ulsoor true...

sometimes it feels good to sit back and just watch...and be amazed at the multitude of things you actually see...

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

u cn see ulsoor lake frm MG road??

such a typical b'lore scene.. i miss b'lore..

d SINNER!!! said... childlike vision and how we miss things in d mad rush...

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

It's really a nice thing to see the the city go by.I love the vantage point the rocky hill in Lal Bagh offers.

Veens said...

enjoyed ti thoroughly! lovely :))

gunj said...

sounds perfect! bliss1

ceedy said...

Observed bliss neatly penned...good work bud

--xh-- said...

@MM: ha ha ha, the Lorry's name is my name - so took a snap :-D
@sol: it came to me whn i was waiting for my friend to arrive... havnt read 'Leisure' b4, but now read that and saw the parrallel :)
@usha: I was sitting right next to gurudwara - on that half wall which runs along gurudwara, parallel to Ulsoor lake :)
@shalini: thnx :)
@ps: ;) may be I want you to have a trip to bangy so that w ecan meet :-D
@preetz: yes yes, u should put thm up....
@aayushi: :) thnx..
@joy: yeah, true :)
@suma: yup - agree with u :)
@KnatB.hughZ: not exactly from ulsoor lake - I was sitting next to the gurudwara - down teh road from trinity circle.
@d_s: yeah.. true
@sameera: hvnt been to lalbagh for ages.. now ur comment makes me feel like paying a visit to lalbagh again...
@veenize: :) danx danx
@gunj: :) thnx...
@ceedy: thnx bro

Curious said...

Sometimes it's nice to take time off... sit down and relax and to see the world around you pass in it's hurried pace...


Lena said...

nice poem .. it makes all the images and sounds alive :)

Winnie the poohi said...

hey u made it come real for me!

its been ages i havent watched ppl like that.. most of the time i end up seeing empty roads :D

Priya said...

Relaxing poem isn't it.

Ms Taggart said...

Hey, this is a nice one... very simple yet nice!

And I know, I have been tagged, yet havent gotten around to do it.. :(

Scribblers Inc said...

I need to go to bangalore right now!!:P

scribblers inc.

Shruti said...

Hey da.. nice relaxing piece :)

I confess.. I've been here 4 posts back. :( Haven't been visiting blogs much. Saw in my reader u've been updating and kept saying to myself 'aah I'll read I will, when I have the time to read slowly..'
And finally, that day came today.
How have u been?

Joy said...

Hey, hope all is well..Heard/read about the blasts.... take care

ceedy said...

Hope all is well...just heard about the blasts

mayth!! said...

Heard about blasts. Hope your fine.

And hope we arent next. :|

rantravereflect/ jane said...

heeeee.. isn't it the best feeling to just watch life live as we breathe :)

i think it is :)
*all smiles*

paresh said...

nice post, thanks for sharing.

Ankur said...

good one... :)
i can relate so very much! :)

Macadamia The Nut said...

In the park?

Loved the imagery Lonewolf! Adi poli

rantravereflect/ jane said...

where art thou?????
parting sooo hard in bengalooru?