Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Google says it...

I saw this meme in many blogs, and today, where you google "your name + needs" and list the first 10 results. 

i was googling as usual for some stuff and suddenly, I got the idea to goole for "Anoop needs", and here is what I got - and teh result did surprize me - for, the 10th item was actually about me, written by one of my best friend, in his blog, long time back... *wide grin*
so here is what Google think I needs

1) Anoop needs to make drawings that are more complete

hm..now it is a known secret that my sketching talent leaves a lot to be desired.. and now Google have officially proclaimed it :P
(btw - here is one of the last sketches I did, about 4-5 years back. Plan to start sketching again, and some day, I may feed you forcefully with my merciless massacre of lines and curves) 

2) Anoop needs to turn 7 more or gain 162 more Vampire points to reach the next level 

now now, I have never been much of a Facebook fan, but I did play the Vampire game some time back.. Never knew Google kept a close tab on me.. Big brother is watching.... 

3) Anoop needs help in expr. essing his ideas mor. e clearl 

hm, i do think at times, i need the help. Good old Google uncle knows what I need... :) anybody there want to volunteer? 

 4) Goshhh, Anoop needs some kind of contract for singing 

It is very hard to keep your secret life secret - I tell you. Googleman knows how Good I sing and says I need a contract.. hear hear...  

5) Anoop needs to ... 

ok, now, are you playing some kind of a game? this is what I asked you, Mr.Google. And I need an answer.  

6) It sounds as if Anoop needs to wait for one process to finish before starting the next 

my oh my - can you be more wrong. I think I am the king of multitasking :P 

7) I very much doubt Anoop needs all this publicity 

yeah, so true.. you, out there - please turn off that spot light on me... man, my hand aches after signing all these autographs... google knows whatz best for me.. ;)  

8) looks like anoop needs more and more votes, he is still at 4th place 

now, isn't this sweet. this one is really about me. before I started blogging here, I used to blog @ yahoo. Once yahoo selected 10 best blogs across the whole yahoo 360 and conducted a voting to see which will come as the best blog. My blog was in the list, and when the voting was over, I got 4th :-D  

9) Susan, a developer in California, learns that her colleague Anoop needs to build Susan's software component at the Indian development lab 

Now, this is very close to reality.... very very close :-D 

10) Anoop needs to turn 4 more or gain 91 more Slayer points to reach the next level. 

then vampire, now slayer... hm... the eye sees it all.... 

I dont tag anyone, other than cess, who is automatically tagged... If anyone finds it interesting, feel free to take it up :-D



Winnie the poohi said...

ah!! too good!

Cess said...

hihi, really nice, Google knows lots of things, well thanks for the tag, have done it already ;) and Gooogle was mean mean with me he told i should get a psy ;(


Enigma said...

nice needs of urs...so now google has them out in the open :D

Suma said...

so u've been googled!!!!

and that link to the sketch didn't work :(

--xh-- said...

@winnipoohi: :)
@cess: yeah, now i rememebr reading the blog.. duh! to my memory
@enigma: :) yeah yeah..
@suma: did you try it now? i changed it soon after i posted the blog.. could you lemmme know it if it still not wrking? :(

Preetz said...

i wanna do this too! seems like fun...but i dint gt what iv gotta do...guide meeee! but this was hilarious...and ur sketches...have a LOT to be desired ok? so u better continue n put up those pics :P

Gazal said...

is what anoop needs what anoop wants...lol??

really neat sketch....

is it Juhi Chawla??

Pavi!!!! said...

woo hoo! this is fun...I'm off to google now :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Wow!Google knows quite a bit about you ;)

aneri_masi said...

hehe nice :) I will take this one up!

Joy said...

That was cool. Your dream girl is beautiful :)

I share my name with a popular actress and a politician. When I google, I get beauty tips and political plan. Interestingly someone has named their pet the same name!!!

Now I don't want any of these.

Suma said...

it works now...

hmm...that's a beautiful sketch... do start sketching again...:)

rantravereflect/ jane said...

wowwwww :)
this is sooo sooper cool..

heeee,, now i need to say what jane needs!

geeee, sooooo anoop NEEDS SUSAN for DEVELOPMENT ;);)
anoop, what in heavens do you need to 'develop'?
sex drive?? ;);)

contract for singing??
bwyahhhhhhh :)
now i want ya to sing anoop n sing, jack n jill style in the prelims round ;)

loveeee :)

aneri_masi said...

Your sketch is amazing! aur banao na pleeez!

Manasa said...

haha.. good one..

The sketch is awesome :)

Pallavi said...

hahah I did that long back.. :) It was fun

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

duuuuude!!! hw hv u bn?? i've bn v busy wi new collg n stuff :) lovely sketch yaar!!

comfortably numb said...

alwayz knew Google was keeping tabs on us:D

Ria said...

he he nice one!! :)

usha said...

hey, good sketch that was!! :)

out of curiosity, I tried googling with my name, and as expected it's all about P.T. Usha! :|

oh, btw, you've been tagged! :)

иidhi S said...

@ XH

Heya... actually a good meme.

Me too is gonna take this up. :)

gunj said...

interesting!! im gonna try this out too!

ceedy said...

Intereting tag...

and if you need to drwa - you can call me :P

Anonymous said...

haaha... u need PUBLICITY? gimme a BREAK!

look at yur comments :P
all ladas :P

i tell u ... this is publicity enuf :P

¢яŷştąŁ said...

Publicity chahiye!

O re baba! :P

Good good
PS_google knows too much!

Shruti said...

look at the first search result I got with my name..
"shruti needs a hard slap on her face stupid cow, it was all because of her! she is the one who didnt trust her mother! stupid cow!"

hawww.. not fair!!